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I am soon to become a cat owner and wanted to know if anyone had a any good local vet recommendations?

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Metro vet in Wood Green...maybe not that local but very good and reasonably priced cheaper than most vets as their ethos is "providing services for the local community"

Thanks so much for this recommendation, I will check them out! Can you also recommend any good pet insurance companies? 

If you go online on money supermarket you get some good quotes I am with Tesxo who were at the time a year ago competitive. It's worth getting a lifetime insurance policy as what this means is that the pet is insured for the lifetime regardless of what may occur....

We've used Village Vet for about 15 years now and they are excellent. We use the Winchmore Hill branch which is about a 20 min drive from the Ladder, depending on traffic. You can book consultations up to 8pm on weekdays. They are also open Sat and Sun. They are 24hour as they have their own 24 hour clinic/hospital in Hampstead  (I've only gone to Hampstead once as anything urgent has been dealt with at Winchmore Hill - as they are open such long hours and they have a vet with the animals overnight). I know my cats have the best care and I'm very fussy for our rescue cats! They also have other branches so if you want a closer branch - their Highbury branch is on Blackstock Rd N5 www.villagevet.co.uk
For insurance, Animal Friends is good as they also donate to animal charities www.animalfriends.co.uk and remember to get your insurance in place for at least a couple of weeks before you go to the vet, in order to avoid any exclusions by your insurer.

I've been quite happy with Abbeyvet (I think now Medivet) in Stamford Hill, right by Stoke Newington station.


Wow thank you so much everyone! Spoilt for choice! Really appreciate it, am really looking forward to joining the world of pet responsibility!

Over the past 15 years I’ve used several local practices including Village Vet, Abbey Vet, & Zasman. I cannot recommend Hills on Park Road, Crouch End highly enough. Mrs Hill is an exceptional vet who cared for both our cat and dog through their lives and at the end.

I use vets at home. A lovely. Bunch of girls. Reasonable prices, especially on repeat visits..Open late 7 days a week. And you can park.



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