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Hello, I am new to the area and live just off Green Lanes near the Harringay Ladder. I am looking for a good swimming pool for both myself and my wife. I am a fairly good swimmer so I am looking for a full length pool. I know about Tottenham Fitness and Pools but I would like to know if anyone knows of any other leisure centres in the area that they would recommend or any that don't appear on Google.



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Parliament Hill lido is the best for proper swimming. At the base of Hampstead Heath. You can get the Overground from Harringay Green Lanes to Gospel Oak (10mins) and the lido is next door to the station.

Otherwise there is the Park Road pool over at Crouch End.

I highly recommend the lido (50m) on Park Road mentioned below.

Clissold pool is 25m but has dedicated lane swimmimg almost all the time so is good if you want a reliable place to go and do your lengths  

currently you still have to prebook but is pretty easy as they have a good app. It’s Better who run it  and it’s an efficient system when you’re there. Better have a swim only membership option which also makes it cheaper if you’re a regular awimmer. 

Parliament hill lido is 60m and lovely but unless you’re used to outdoor cold water swimming you would need to start soon and prepare to acclimatise. It’s been about 17deg in the water for last couple of weeks but as soon as this brief heat wave is over the temp will start to steadily drop. 

if you love outdoor swimming  there’s also the west reservoir next to the castle  also part of the better group  that’s a 400m loop so good if you like to swim longer distances  

personally I’m not a fan of park road but lots of others seem to like it and it’s run by fusion as is the pool at Tottenham green.  

I mostly use Clissold for lane swimming as it has a dedicated 2m deep lane pool that usually has five or six lanes.

The Better app is good for booking, and they also run the pools at the Olympic Park and London Fields Lido (if you want a 50m pool), the West Reservoir at Manor House, Archway pool (which is nice for kids but not for lane swimming), and the pool at Highbury. 

Their website is quite good too https://www.better.org.uk/ They do a swim only membership option that is approx £30 per month, which works out well if you're a regular swimmer.

Thanks a lot for all of your advice guys. I have joined the Better gym at Clissold. It’s easy to get to and has parking if needed. Swimming facilities are great. It has everything I need and I can visit other Better run gyms in the area. Thanks for all your input. It was exactly what I needed :)

I swim at Parliament hill lido (60m), but it is unheated so it can be difficult to do long swims in the colder months, however, you can also get to Kentish Town pool (30m) on the Overground (change at Gospel Oak) which is probably my favourite indoor pool. It's also a Better pool (like Clissold).

The Lido on Park Rd Crouch End. It's 50m and the water is heated all year round.

Additional info: Haringey Leisure facilities, Park Rd, N8, Tottenham - Marcus Garvey are free if you're a Haringey resident,  to children, over 65s and concessions.

CLISSOLD LEISURE CENTRE is in Hackney so free to Hackney residents over 60, children and concessions.

Gospel Oak pool is in Islington so free or reduced price if you're an Islington resident, for over 60s, children, concessions. 

Archway pool is also Islington so same for concessions. 



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