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Question about local shops on Green Lanes between Falkland and Fairfax, 1948 - 1960

I think I mentioned before that I am writing a history of my childhood for my kids and grandkids and am madly researching.  So here's the latest.

I can remember Williams Brothers grocery shop in Turnpike Lane where mum and I used to go shopping on Tuesdays and wondered if there are any photos of this store circa 1948 - 1960.

Also there were a row of shops at the bottom of Fairfax, Falkland and Frobisher Roads at Green Lanes end.  Bottom of Fairfax I think was a meeting house of some sort, windows painted over in green(?) paint.  Then there was a little store owned and operated by Mr. and Mrs. Barnes next to which was the fish and chip shop.  Then, I believe there was a rather shabby tobacconists next to which a rather smarter and brighter one opened.  It sold newspapers and the man who owned it was clearly very efficient.  I always felt sorry for the shabby man who must have eventually gone bust and moved.

I'm a bit foggy about any other shops in that row but at the end of the three streets was the pub where my grandmother breathed her last over a port and lemon.  The Alexandra?  Again, any photos that exist, I'd love to see.

I think I could be in the wrong about the placement of this enquiry but I'm sure someone will put me right.

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Would the 1948 Street Directory be of any use? 

Sorry no postwar photos of that spot, except of Hammonds. But Bruce Castle Museum have a set of photos of Green Lanes in the late 1940s and early 50s. Some of them are in the photos section, but none of the stretch you're interested in.

This helps me Hugh!

661 was Merrills - we used him a lot.

657 Is the Con Club I refer to above.

655 Dorrels! That name bring back memories. Was our sweet shop - when the ration came off my mother went barmy! And we ended up in the dentists chair a lot!

653 Was our newsagent.

645 Was the grocery shop I refer to so further up than I though above. 

645b Was the upstairs hairdresser who got my mothers trade u8ntil about 1949 when she switched across the road to Wellington Parade.

Have you got the entry for the section between Frobisher and Falkland?  660 upwards?

Here's that section. I notice that Mark Pollack is listed as the landlord. He got a mention recently here

This was my stomping ground in the late 40s and 50s. Memory is not brilliant but for what it is worth and starting from the Queens Head:

The garage (sold petrol there as a Saturday job);

Bewleys tobacconists (unbelievable but you could make money just selling cigarettes and tobacco back then!)

 Note sure of next shop

Fish and chip shop - not sure it ever sold wet fish? Anyone?

Grocery shop - Percivals in the 40s with broken biscuits, bacon slicer etc; Mrs P was in a cubicle in the corner and took the money; then came the Barnes family and they started the self-service store.

Criterion Restaurant was next I think.

Miss a few now to Falklands Road

Then on the corner Merrills the TV and Radio shop.

Mis a couple (barbers?)

Then The Harringay Constitutional Club - bingo in the week for charity; my mothers joy;  raised money for the Sunshine Clubs and Mr Pastry (Richard Hearn) used to come from the Variety Club to collect the cheques from the lovely lady who ran it (forget her name  sadly.

Memory fails completely after that - barring the bank on the corner of Fairfax - Midland? National Provincial? Bombed I think? 

That took me back a bit!  If it was on the corner, for some years I attended Sunday School at The Christian Mission Centre leaving in 1951. Anyone else have this memory? The last time I saw those premises it had become a vegetable shop.

As young teens we used to go to the Constitutional Hall for dances to live local bands on Wednesday’s and Saturdays. Those were such safe and innocent days.  Thanks to you I now remember Lorettas. We got our hair done there until one day a hairdresser there (maybe Loretta) cut my sisters hair so short she cried for a day and wore a hat for ages. My mum got livid and stomped out to give the hairdresser a piece of her mind. We never went there again. Sad but true.

I don’t remember the bank but most of my memories will be from the late 40’s as I was born in 1946.  My grandad and Nan used to go to the Queens Head regularly and it was there at lunchtime that they were having their usual drink, when my Nan said “ Cheers” and collapsed with a brain aneurysm. According to my mum, the landlord asked for her to be moved to the foyer of the cinema at the bottom of Frobisher while they awaited the arrival of the ambulance.  The landlord said it was affecting his trade. Now that’s according to my mum. No proof of that.

Oh yes Richard..........The Criterion Restaurant !!   Possibly Greek / Italian owners ?   Was our introduction to "foreign" food......spaghetti bolognese, rissotto....... and one of our first "grown up" restaurants as opposed to cafes and Wimpy Bars.!  Loved it ever since.  Was a popular eatery from memory around mid 60's.    Shamefully, now, we did a couple of runners from it.   Also was a restaurant up Green Lanes, possibly Roseberry/Stanhope Gardens area which gave us our very first grown up foreign food experience,  a lovely mild and fruity curry served up every Saturday lunchtimes.  Real grown up !  Again I think the owners were Greek/Italian ?



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