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Local Nursery Recommendation! The African-Carribean Day Nursey is wonderful.

Hi everyone, 

This is a review and recommendation for the African-Caribbean Day Nursery. They don't have a website and I couldn't find any other information online about them, so hopefully this will be helpful for people considering it. Sorry in advance that it's long, I just wanted to share my experience. 

My son has been going there for almost a year now and loves it. He started at 18 months, but they take babies from 6 months old and kids up to 5 years. They have a dedicated babies room for the little ones, but they're also flexible and happy to follow your kids lead about where they want to spend time. Everyone has lunch together, which I like! 

I should say at the outset that we aren't an African-Caribbean family (we're white British/Aussie), so at first I wasn't sure they would take us. But they have been entirely, arms-open, 100% welcoming! Despite the name, they are open to all kids and all families no matter where you are from. They celebrate African-Caribbean culture with all the kids, which I think is wonderful - my son learns songs and dances that are new to me, and the walls have posters about African-Caribbean heroes from history. 

One of the reasons I love it is because it has a really relaxed, family feel to it. The nursery manager has been there for more than 20 years and the staff are brilliant, sweet, caring women. One of the mums I'm friends with actually went there as a kid! It's set in a lovely terrace house which feels cosy and bright, and it has a fabulous huge backyard with cubby houses and loads of space for them to play. 

The hours are good: 8am - 5:45pm, and they don't mind when you drop off and pick up. I know other nurseries want you to be really specific and tell them if you're going to be late or early and then stick to that schedule, but they don't mind. Sometimes we just drop him off for a few hours in the middle of the day, for example. Or, another example, I totally forgot to mention we were going on holiday until the day before we left, and it was no dramas at all.

They feed them a big cooked lunch every day, and I think they feed them breakfast too. I say "I think" because we have breakfast with our son before he goes. But I've heard he's been demanding second breakfast when he gets there! :) So you only have to pack a snack for them each day, which they get in the late afternoon. 

It's £65/day for part-time or £250 per week (so full time works out to be only £50/day). i think it might be a touch more per week for under 1s? Sorry, should have checked before writing this. 

Their last OFSTED rating was on 17 August 2015 and they were rated "good". 

So here's the details. They don't have a website or anything, again, they're just a small, independent nursery. 

African Caribbean Day Nursery

30 Hornsey Park Road (on the corner of Ravenstone Rd)

Hornsey, Haringey, N8 0JP 

020 8889 4222

Is there anything I've forgotten to mention? Happy to answer any questions people might have. 

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Has anyone from the neighborhood joined recently? I've noticed quite a few new faces at the nursery in the past month, which is lovely. :)



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