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Does anybody know where I can purchase local honey


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Tottenham Honey local enough? it steep at eight quid a jar at Cafe Connect.


Thanks Con

I should have said that we are in Crouch Hill so anything even closer and easier to get hold of would be amazing.

I was amazed to discover probably the best honey I've ever tasted is made in Harringay. French resident Thierry makes a limited number of jars each year from his garden hives. My guess is that last years will be sold out now. He usually sells a new batch between July and October.

Use the link I've added under your post to read the rave reviews.

Great. thanks

Thanks Lydia.

Hi Hester

Highgate Festival and Fair on the Square is on this Saturday 15th June in Pond Square Highgate Village and you are likely to find some on sale there in the craft market.

Highgate Honey is available from a seller at regular craft market in Lauderdale House.

Stroud Green Market on Sundays may sell some.

Tottenham Market in Tottenham Green, Seven Sisters, sells local honey from Tottenham/Walthamstow Marshes. 

LUOS Sell honey and are in Tottenham at Cafe Connect.

Hope that’s helpful. I’m not aware of anyone making honey in Crouch End area. If you find someone please let me know.



Amazing. very helpful- thanks

My neighbour on Stapleton Hall Road has bee hives and sells honey.  His bees drink from my pond which is lovely to see.  The honey tastes amazing!  Let me know if you're interested and I'll put you in touch.

Yes definitely. We are very local to there. Thanks

I'm just checking with my neighbour if it's OK to give out his contact details and will private message you. 

Hi Julie

does your neighbour sell at Stroud Green Market?  If not could be worth getting in touch with Edmund May who manages the market, ed@stroudgreenmarket.com,  

https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/stroud-green-market-ne.... Sure it would be popular.


Thanks Sujan but I don't think he has enough honey for that.  Our local coffee shop But First, Coffee was stocking it, but they don't seem to have any at present.  



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