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Hi, this is my first time here and am not sure how to go about things yet.  I would like to get a message to Derek Reynolds who posted his memories of visiting his grandmother in Wellesley Road, Wood Green, London.

My grandfather, grandmother, mother and two uncles lived at 11 Wellesley Road, between 1914 and 1934, after that year, just my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin up until 1965 when they were rehoused in flats, I presume Newbury House.  Their names were Albert and Edith Rolph, children Bert, Cissie and Fred, all born between 1904 and 1909.

My grandfather tragically drowned in 1934 whilst working for the Metropolitan Water Board on the filter beds in Stoke Newington so that is probably something that would stand out in people's memories.

His sister Alice Meek and her husband Frank were also living at No. 10 at the time.

I would love to hear from you Derek with any memories you may have regarding my family.

By the way, is Wellesley Road still there and is there anyone living there now?

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I’ve shared this post with Derek. 

Thanks for getting in touch, and to Hugh for the 'tip off'.

Hello Val, now that you have mentioned it I do remember the name Rolph, but I am unable to relate to anything about the family as I did not personally know them. But I do remember Nan standing on her doorstep having conversations across the road, also Nan has mentioned the name Cissie. As my Dad was born in 1905, and the Reynolds moved into Wellesley some time prior to the First World War, there is a good possibility he would have interacted with them as children, but no stories of same I'm afraid.

One family I do remember the name of is the Trusslers [sp?] in No. 1. I think they had a large family of boys.

Wellesley road has mostly been obliterated. First of all the houses were demolished - both sides, leaving a brown earth car park on the 'evens' side and a corrugated fence on the 'odds' side behind which a contractor parked some heavy trucks for a while. The occupants were re-housed, Nan to No. 22 Newbury House, a cold, inhospitable block where folk kept to themselves and there was no communication from doorsteps and from which Nan never ventured out save when accompanied to Birthday and Anniversary events. The windows of the flats were just high enough to see nothing when seated - except sky.

Then after the 'Works' was demolished the area was redeveloped, and two thirds of Wellesley became part of the car park for a large DIY chain store. After the 'Flats' and the Vanlint's corner house went, a 'new build' set of homes went up, looking more like a concrete monolith.

Wellesley Road more recently:

Thank you so much Derek for your response, it is so nice to be able to share these memories, I also remember visits there to see my Nan and thought at the time that the houses were so small inside, I don't know how they used to sleep all those people lol!!!!  Having said that, they did have character unlike the awful block that is there now.  Best wishes and regards Val.

Great site eh Val !   Good luck with your unearthing of memories.

Thank you John, gl.

Thanks for the remembrance of Wellesley Road. The Brooks family lived in number 9 in 1901 but had moved to River Park road by 1911. However by 1936 they had returned to 8 Wellesley road and were neighbours to the Meeks and opposite the Rolphs. My father and grandparents lived there. By 1951 they had moved to 28 Marlborough road in Bowes Park. My grandmother was a Hagger who (when younger) lived nearby at 47 Weston road. Many of my family worked at Barratt's sweet factory and I believe that much of the local housing was occupied by Barratt's workers. I suspect a few partnerships were formed there too.

Have you also seen this rather longer piece, Andrew?

Hi Hugh, thanks for the link, I hadn't seen it before. It made very interesting reading. My Father attended Noel Park school and I think I have some Sunday school book prizes that he was given whilst there. I haven't pinned down exactly what dates he was in Wellesley road and attending the school but he was born in 1926 and so I guess possibly from 1931 onwards and definitely in 1936. I know the family was still living in St Michaels road until 1930. Excellent to see some of the old photos too, many thanks Andrew

P.S. I lived in 28 Marlborough road in the 1950s moving to Palmerston Crescent, Palmers Green in 1961

Hi Andrew, thank you so much for your response, it made interesting reading.  The earliest I can trace the Rolphs living there was from the Voters List in 1919, they had made the move from Holloway.  Alice and Frank Meek were there already and Alice being my grandfather's sister probably told them about No. 11 being available.  My uncle, aunt and nan stayed there until 1965 when they were re-housed.  My cousin Evelyn Farrier (nee Rolph) worked at Barratts ever since she left school and probably met her husband there.  After their divorce, my cousin met and had a daughter with a Cypriot man who later returned to Cyprus.  The daughter is now trying to discover that man's name!!!!   Needles in haystacks come to mind lol!!!!  Well, such a lot of history in one tiny road!!!   Best wishes

Another view of Wellesley. This would be mid 1960's taken from the front step of 4 Redvers.

I did wonder if Wellesley Road was marked up for an eventual name change, but this woke fad now seems to be waning.

Why is the name Wellesley offensive ?



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