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Hi, this is my first time here and am not sure how to go about things yet.  I would like to get a message to Derek Reynolds who posted his memories of visiting his grandmother in Wellesley Road, Wood Green, London.

My grandfather, grandmother, mother and two uncles lived at 11 Wellesley Road, between 1914 and 1934, after that year, just my grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousin up until 1965 when they were rehoused in flats, I presume Newbury House.  Their names were Albert and Edith Rolph, children Bert, Cissie and Fred, all born between 1904 and 1909.

My grandfather tragically drowned in 1934 whilst working for the Metropolitan Water Board on the filter beds in Stoke Newington so that is probably something that would stand out in people's memories.

His sister Alice Meek and her husband Frank were also living at No. 10 at the time.

I would love to hear from you Derek with any memories you may have regarding my family.

By the way, is Wellesley Road still there and is there anyone living there now?

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I imagine this refers to Arthur Wellesley - the Duke of Wellington, he who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. 

I agree, but it doesn't explain why it's offensive.

Oh, I suppose Xavier could be French :-)

With the assumption the road is named after Arthur Wellesley (1st Duke of Wellington) I'm sure there are some who see him as a colonialist etc etc ignoring his victory at Waterloo (with Prussian help), or whatever dirt they can dish.

I am with you on this but I am guessing Xavier was making a general comment about previously revered Victorian statesmen.

Wellesley was associated with some pretty brutal ‘suppression’ activities in India. This has seen his statues topped with traffic cones. 

Thanks Hugh, I know little of his background so that is useful to learn

If it wasn't for Wellesley we'd all be speaking French today. I'd be ok: I have an A level. :-)

He was a professional soldier, acting under orders, 200 years ago.. Do we judge him by the sensibilities of today ?

Let's leave that for another discussion....please

Aw Hugh, spoilsport! If Black Boy Lane can run to 74 pages, plus a revival, can't Wellesley Road have at least 2 ?  

btw. Did Wellesley ever say, "Just because I was born in a stable doesn't mean I'm an ass"?



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