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Does anyone have a recommendation for the best local estate agent for selling a property through? Also, we were first time buyers last time therefore have never sold a property before so when chatting to the estate agents what questions do I need to ask to get the info I need from them? 

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Brickworks - and we have bought and sold many times in Harringay ... brickworkslondon.com
Another recommendation for Brickworks - they have been enormously helpful and patient (and made our flat look fab).
Brickworks, they do amazing photography and marketing and are very nice too - they'll even help style your home for the photos if it needs a little extra love to stand out

Adding my voice to recommending Brickworks...We bought from them last year and were very helpful, patient and knowledgeable. I think they've got the best selection of houses in the area. We'd definitely use them if / when looking to sell. Their pics bring out the best in the houses and feels like their photography / approach/ curated feel to their list adds a premium feel to the whole experience. 



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