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I wasn't going to say this as I'm loathe to criticise someone's choice of employer for their first job. I did however think it was a bit off that Adam Jogee was working as a researcher for Terrapin Communications. Why did I think this was off? Well, their list of clients included the three firms currently bidding to run a large part of the council'sour land in a 20 year "partnership" deal. I asked around and was told that he was a good boy and was being responsible about it. He's now the Majority Chief Whip.

So then I come across THIS POST on OpinioN8 which is Crouch End's version of HoL. There it states that

Councillor Kober has dined six times at Terrapin's expense, once in Cannes. Detail on the lunches decreases over time.

Councillor Strickland was also at this dinner in Cannes and has dined at Terrapin's expense another four times.

Councillor Jason Arthur - twice, recently, with Peter Bingle and again with another partner, Christian Klapp.

Go see the post on OpinioN8, click on the links. See for yourself. Adam was a just graduated student when he became a Labour councillor, now he's a researcher for perhaps the country's best known Tory lobbyist.

Martin Ball pointed some of this out to us about 18 months ago and we were all a bit meh. Presumably we consider it slightly off to worry about who pays for someone else's lunch. However, Terrapin's client list should give us cause for concern given what is also happening with Hornsey Town Hall. Have we been duped here?

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Oh and of course Pocket Living are another Terrapin client. Good catch by OpinioN8 again. Where have we heard of them before?

Yes, here's his boss thanking him (well, the entire firm) for a fantastic week on the 25th of November. I wonder what could have happened that week?

Sorry, but I'm not keeping up. The Standard article is dated 21st October , the scrutiny call in was 8th November, Cabinet duly dismissed the recommendations on 15th November. What connection are we making here?

My mistake. I thought that the final decision was the week ending the 25th of November.

Looking at this more it was possibly about this debacle over towing the line in the Labour Group. Some people think that the author of that letter had help.

Pocket Living are not very obvious on the Terrapin list of clients. Do they go by another name? 

Previous client. List here.

Again, evidence that the leadership of Haringey Council has the interest of local residents at the forefront of their mind?! No, I don't think so. This is the worst kind of sell out of a Labour Council. And they can do this because they get reelected time and time again and when Labour put up a left-leaning candidate to mop up some of the resentment about these things, what do people do: they elect them, too, knowing that they are subject to the Labour whip and therefore can do diddly squat.


And this is why back in the USA we elected Mr Trump. "Drain the swamp (of DC)" being his second campaign logo. Already I have seen a cabinet formation that suggests more than I have ever seen in my lifetime (or at least since Reagan) will get done.

In the UK, you have Nigel Farage, who will never be PM or even hold a cabinet post. Yet he caused this country to change its foreign policy for the first time time World War II. And look how he is mocked. So go ahead and keep electing "Labour" (who have never done a day of same in their lives save perhaps rake the back garden of their taxpayer financed Westminster homes) but please don't complain about the result here because you all are getting exactly what you voted for.

Martina how many times have you actually spoken to 'real' Labour councillors - as opposed to the red-rosetted Tories ? Have have discussed your views with members of the Greens who were once Labour councillors or active in the Party who know how the system works? (I'm thinking for instance of Lucy Craig, Gordon Best and Tom Davidson.)
Then there are members of the Green Party with working links across the political spectrum.

Of course I can't tell you what goes through the minds of Claire Kober and her chums. But subtle Machiavellian plots "to put up left-leaning candidates to mop up some of the resentment,"  seems a far fetched idea.
I'm told that when Noah Tucker, for instance made his first appearance at the Council meeting, there were no smiles and congratulations. The right-wingers know that people like Noah are not likely to defuse dissent and protest.
Their task is the exact opposite. To do what they can to pull open the curtain of secrecy and lies.

I am beginning to feel very sorry for young Councillor Jogee. The person who brokered this job for him must have known what it meant and how it would end up.

If we're talking about "must-have-knowns" then was Cllr Jogee out of signal range during the unprincipled and foolish attacks on Gideon Bull and Sheila Peacock? And if by chance he was too busy at the time to notice, he could have looked up  Harringay Online.

Or asked Claire Kober what happened to his predecessor, Cllr Liz McShane.

That’s my last Chief Whip pictured in a frame,
Looking as if she were alert. I don't recall her name.

Will’t please you view and see her smile no doubt.
Whene’er I passed her; but who passed without
Much the same smile? This grew; I gave commands;
Then all smiles stopped together. There she stands.

He was effectively unemployed when he was elected. So a job offer from a friend of your "leader" is something VERY difficult to turn down. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes to think about this. If someone offers you a job when you're unemployed and you turn it down then pop goes your JSA so you're really facing a very difficult decision on both fronts. If it was Cllrs Kober and Strickland who did this then I think that's very, very mean of them.

I doubt that he'd have the job without being a councillor in Haringey. From what I have seen that has not been posted he is in a great deal of danger with regard to income/employment.



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