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Cafes are still part of the plastics problem, according to a new survey by Friends of the Earth volunteers in Haringey.

We surveyed 37 cafes and takeaways in Tottenham and Wood Green. Of these:

  • 22 give out free plastic straws
  • 20 give out plastic cutlery with takeaway food
  • 15 give out polystyrene food packaging – which contaminates recycling if placed in green bins
  • Most give out plastic-coated cardboard cups for coffee etc, which cannot be recycled.
  • Only 2 sell re-usable mugs people can use again and again, and only 4 give discounts to people who bring their own mugs
  • Only one quarter of cafes separate their own plastic waste for recycling

 We didn't cover cafes in on Green Lanes south of Turnpike Lane, so we'd welcome any info on these (e-mail quentin.given@btinternet.com)

Rachel Sutton, group spokesperson, said

“Every cafe we spoke to knows that plastic is a problem. But few businesses are doing anything about it. Every year in the UK over 4 billion plastic straws are used. Most of this is totally unnecessary, and businesses should act now.”

Tottenham & Wood Green Friends of the Earth group is calling on businesses to phase out single-use plastic packaging and other items like coffee cups, straws and forks; and calling on catering suppliers to promote plastic-free packaging.

We are also calling on the new Council to reduce its own use of plastic and to promote alternatives.

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... I try to do my bit but not frequenting any of them...

Interesting. What are the top 3 least wasteful cafes?

So, Quentin, can you please suggest successful or partly successful schemes in other cities or towns where businesses have adopted or been persuaded to adopt better practices? Less reliant on plastics or other polluting containers? Or say, using other genuinely recyclable containers?

On recent years I've noticed that newspapers and websites have carried articles challenging our current recycling model and methods on a range of grounds.



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