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Could anyone recommend an architect/builder to draw up plans for possible side extension and the re-jigging of the layout of a ground floor flat in the ladder?

Having looked at previous discussions I'm curious to know how people have got on with their building work, how long it took, costs, problems in the process etc...


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More than happy to recommend the guy who did my work in the gardens.
Drop me a pm and I'll message you when I am back off my hols with any deets

Hi Angela, I would be interested in his details please. 

I'm a local architect and can help with this kind of thing. Feel free to send an email to ivan@thearchitects.co.uk with any more details if you like - happy to talk it over to answer some of these questions, Ivan

Contact Sarah here at Habit Architecture http://www.habitarchitecture.com/contact

If you search this site there are a few other recommendations by others. 

Hi Ruth,

We are also local architects with lots of experience with property extensions. If you are still looking please contact info@carbognoceneda.com or call Andrea at 07890 586 884.

Best luck with it regardless,


Hello Ruth,  i realise i'm a little late to this thread but i'm a local architect and would be very happy to meet with you to run through what you are looking to do.  I work with an engineer and surveyor so between us we offer a full suite of design services that you need to get through, including the structural design and party wall agreements.    Also have builder recommendations if of interest.    I run a small practice www.31architects.com specialising in residential work.   Happy to pop over for free consultation if it would help,  thanks, Shelley 

Supreme are London-wide so not local, but might be worth a look. 



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