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Not had a chance to complete our survey? Here is your chance to complete it online. 


This survey aims to find out how Wightman Road becoming a no through road as a result of the bridge works has affected you. It was primarily designed for residents of Wightman and the Ladder Roads but if you live outside that area, you're welcome to complete it. 

The Green Lanes Area Transport Study has a wide set of aims, which I suspect most of us fully support 

  1. Improving quality of life and health outcomes for local residents
  2. Improving and the urban realm and local environment
  3. Enabling people to feel safe and proud of where they live and work
  4. Rationalising traffic volumes and routes including the impacts of the closures in the Gardens Area and Hermitage Road
  5. Improving road safety
  6. Maintaining or enhancing bus service journey times and reliability
  7. Enhancing pedestrian accessibility into and within the study area
  8. Improving cycle access within the study area taking account of the CRISP study proposals.

Sadly, the evidence and information collected and presented by the consultants currently appears to largely focus on vehicle volumes and movements. Whilst this information is important it's also important to capture a wider range of information. We hope our survey will go some way to rectifying this. The survey also gives you the opportunity to say overall whether you think Wightman being a no through road has been positive or negative and to elaborate on what a difference it has made to you. 

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Done. As a resident Of Lothair Rd South I have noticed a massive improvement to the general peace of the area. I do hope it stays closed.



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