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On my way back from the Community Assistance Centre, I took a walk along our stretch of Green Lanes to get a sense of how things feel.




As of 6.30, pretty damn normal. There's obviously something in the air and as you chat with people, they're aware of what's possible, but there's no real sense that anything's going to happen.



Some shops have closed early, but most seem to be staying open as usual (jewellery shops excluded).

People are sauntering along with their kids by their side.

Down towards Harringay Bridge, the Old Ale Emporium is very busy and manager Dave told me that they hadn't closed early yet due to the troubles. "I feel quite safe here", he said, "The local trader community is looking out for Harringay and they're very able to take care of us all. I can guarantee they'll let me know if it's going to kick off". I asked him then if the Old Ale could be considered as the canary in the mine. "100%", he said.



Further down the road the Garden Ladder is boarded up.



and Lido is strengthening its shutters.



All very sensible. But I do hope they're cautions that are not needed


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As I tried to explain earlier there were never any rioters on Green Lanes and although there was looting it was not in Green Lanes but the shopping centres at either end of the road. So the looters are not staying away because of the vigilant locals, welcome though their alertness is.

Not entirely true - the jewellers Deniz (bottom of Cavendish) got hit on Sunday morning when the guys from the grocery next door eventually went to bed. Also I think another jewellers a bit further up?

Didn't know that.. apologies.
I hope so Matt, but I've been careful not to broadcast stories I've been told on Green Lanes of local groups protecting our streets for fear of it being seen as laying down a challenge. I'm not entirely sure that these looters share my mindset.



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