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Less than a Week to Go and Silence (Declaration: I'm not impressed)

In 2010 we made quite a hoo-ha about the local elections. I even made a set of videos giving each individual candidate in all three Harringay Wards a chance to make their case. Most took up the offer.

My thinking behind this was to give local people an unprecedented opportunity to get a feel of the candidates and what they stand for.

I didn't have time for that this year. I've taken a lighter touch approach. Working with Adam Coffman, I helped to arrange the Harringay ward hustings this week, I've also offered each party a forum discussion per party to set out their stall for all three Harringay wards.

With 300,000 views from 30,000 people each month, you'd think that was a gift-horse, wouldn't you? I'd have thought so. However, over a week since the offer was made, only TUSC and the Conservatives have availed themselves of the offer, not a dicky bird from the two big parties (locally) or the Greens. I reminded them all of the offer after the hustings this week. Labour and Lib Dem wrote back assuring me they would be posting, but hadn't got round to it. No response from the Greens. 

What are we to make of that?

Local elections have a pathetic turnout of something like 20%. In 2010, I felt that  at lest that 20% in Harringay's three wards had the opportunity to learn what the candidates stood for. This time round how are people supposed to make up their minds? Traditional party affiliation? Votes based on protest about national issues? On the basis of the twaddle that passes for information on the flyers posted through our doors? 

The parties have a moral duty to at least try and inform us honestly of what they'd do. It can't all be down to one bloke with an iPhone having some time to spare.

We should all be concerned. Some of us are. Most aren't. Almost none of us are concerned enough.

(Declaration: I'm not impressed).

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I am as mystified as you Hugh. I can only surmise that the Greens are very thin on the ground here and are focussing on Muswell Hill and have admitted as much. Labour seem to want to keep their heads below the parapet as exposure to HOLs regulars might be less than good publicity. But you really would think they would make the effort.........I suspect that the main parties are a bit hollowed out with just a handful doing all the legwork. 

I've just heard from the Lib Dems. They assure me that they'll be posting soon. They've just been very busy. I've apologised for being a public nag.

You shouldn't have to nag them Hugh or apologise for chivving them along. They should want to engage with their voters on platforms such as HOL. Social media is here to stay and with more people having smartphones I would imagine in the future we might even be able to vote by text or email.

Agree, that isn't impressive at all.

I wonder if they are weighing up the risks of posting (ie people responding to their policies) with not bothering... Or am I just getting cynical? Am struck that the two parties with the most chance if getting in are among those who haven't responded.

It's next week for goodness sake!


Nothing to make of it beyond speaking to residents on doorstep and putting out information. You saw me on Green Lanes yourself 2 days ago Hugh taking a coffee break! I have seen some parties (actually all other main ones) have paid companies to deliver. We cannot do that its us and local members. 

Emine Ibrahim

Labour Party Candidate (Harringay Ward)


I think HoLer's will turn out, if voters are disenchanted, it's the one opportunity to make your a mark, where you live.

I gave up a trip to Prague to see an old friend, a trip to see my Dad at Easter, and have a close friend that is I'll, life goes on, I'm sure all candidates are endeavouring to do their level best and will also be making sacrifices, thanks for your efforts and continue to do good work, (I'm sure everyone would like to see each party put a their statement out.)

Being dyslexic I do find it easier to speak one to one, which is key, HoL has been a pleasure at times, expressing thoughts, you yourself admitted online you had less time for this election, even Labour seems thin on the ground without the Hackney activists, is the election lacking that General election buzz, one thing is assured the results will be astonishing, let's get out and vote.

When I have discussions with voters, I mention HoL and have done so over two elections, including my printed material, I have posted over the last four years, (and my wife introduced me, in fact she feels I spend too much time,) so HoL isn't just for Christmas, you need offline activity to promote discussion online, we can't be expected to live through HoL, that is unsustainable, it is a portal, and I feel voter get a very good feel for our thinking and writing approach, and politics generates activity, it will not be possible to monitor every comment as it is not a councillors remit, nor is it to give specific attention to one member over the other.

It is more disturbing the personal political dross that has wasted space on HoL, I have looked at other ways of communicating other than playing the blame game and finger pointing, I am commuted to this area, and will have to pull my head in occasionally to keep my ego in check as we all do, humility is key.

We should rejoice the fact that our Harringay candidates are so uniquely different, I think it's brilliant, though thankfully you don't have to agree with them, we can reflect that through our voting, it would be inspiring if HoL had an affect on it's users
to generate unusually high turn out, don't be disillusioned, vote.



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