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Leonard is a very handsome boy of 5 years old looking for his forever loving home. Leonard is so sweet and friendly! Leonard needs an indoor only home (or home with access to a fully enclosed garden). Leonard is FIV+ and is getting a dental which is going to be covered by Stokey rescue with help from voluntary contributions.

Please get in touch with Stokey Cats and Dogs if you would like to adopt Leonard. Please note home checks apply. Email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

"Hi Everyone, it's Leonard here. As you know I was rescued by Stokey Cats and Dogs and given a chance of a better life. I was someone's cat once. One day my family packed boxes, closed the door and moved out. I was in the garden. They didn't take me. I thought they would be back for me but they didn't. I loved them and I was a good cat but the door was locked. It never opened again for me. Nice neighbours were feeding me from time to time but then the other tom cats came and they beat me up (they needed help and neutering too). I was hungry, tired, and didn't want to fight them so I was roaming around and hiding from them. I spent days and nights outside, getting wet when it rained and it was really bad in the winter...cold and nowhere warm to cuddle...Someone picked me up one day, put me in a box and when I woke up everyone was stroking me and talking to me and it felt nice but I didn't know any of them. They were wearing blue clothes and said I was FIV+ and my mouth was bad and they wanted to see me again. Then I was taken to a temporary foster home - a nice house with a bed and food for me. I couldn't believe it. Now I need a permanent home."

"My dental surgery cost is about £300 but I don't have money nor an owner who can pay for me. Can you please help me to pay my bill? All I can offer is headbutt, love and cuddles. If you can help me by sending few pennies via PayPal to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com I will be very grateful. I will save every penny and will pay my bill".

Update - Leonard has found a good home in January 2018.

Stokey Cats and Dogs are a local volunteer group who rescue local stray cats. It's vital that cats are neutered as there are so many homeless cats. They rescue cats and get them neutered, microchipped and rehomed. They desperately need and welcome funds donated by the community on their fundraising page here or you can donate via paypal to stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com. They also have a Wish List on Amazon and have a Stokey Cats and Dogs Facebook group

I post regularly here in respect of Stokey cats needing homes and photos

More Stokey cats needing homes

List of animal rescue places here

(If you can't offer a permanent home to a cat, Stokey also urgently need more fosterers - which means providing a temporary home for a cat until a permanent home is found. You don't need to have a garden to temporarily foster. If more people foster, Stokey will be able to help more homeless cats).

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Yes little Leonard is a cuddly teddy bear. You're right, he deserves a long and happy life!

There is a happy ending story here about another cat Diamond who got a home with an enclosed garden.

Thanks very much for sharing on FB, that helps a lot.

Unfortunately I am unable to help with your beautiful boy. I am currently feeding those in the neighbourhood that appear to be in need, but I do have a number of towels that need a good home, could Stokey use them and if so how would we get together to find that home for them? I could have them washed and I would even buy some fabric softener to make them softer for our feline friends or puppies. Please let me know. Heather Herbert

Thanks a lot Heather. I'll check whether Stokey need towels. (I know that a lot of things are needed for the cats).

There is also Wood Green Animal Charity who usually need towels and blankets.

I put my name in the ring for this gorgeous boy as I think he'd fit into our home so well, really hope we get chosen for a house check! 

Thanks so much for replying Kirsten! Yes he is gorgeous! Stokey will be really pleased to hear from you.

If you email Stokey Cats & Dogs, they will send you a homing application form to fill out. stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Hi Kirsten, 

Leonard was rehomed but sadly he came back to us due to no fault of his own and he's looking for a loving home again. In the meantime he had a full dental which means all his teeth were removed. This was suggested by our vet due to a secondary mouth infection he developed. His mouth healed and he can eat properly but as he has not even one tooth left it would be best to home Leonard as an indoor cat. I know it's been a long time but maybe you are still interested? 

Hi Elzbieta, 

I am indeed still very interested in Leonard and was happy to see him pop up here again after all this time. I’m away for the holidays until January 6 but if he’s still waiting for a home when I get back then I’d love to chat about rehoming him. If I recall he is okay with dogs? We have a senior rescue pup who’s good with cats so looking to find a good fit there as well.

Feel free to message me if you want any more details!

Leonard's most recent photo :-) 


Leonard is still looking for a home. He's the sweetest cat ever! Please get in touch with Stokey Cats and Dogs if you would like to apply to adopt Leonard. Please note home checks apply. Email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Leonard is still looking for a home. He has now had all his teeth removed. He's the sweetest cat ever and very friendly. He would love a cosy home! Please get in touch with Stokey Cats and Dogs if you would like to apply to adopt Leonard. Please note home checks apply. Email stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com

Good news that Leonard has found a great home. Now Arnold is hoping that he will find a home soon too.

Arnold is a very friendly, cuddly cat looking for his forever loving home. He also likes to talk so if you want to have a chat with a cat, Arnold is the cat for you! He has been waiting for nearly a year for a permanent home.

Arnold has been neutered and microchipped and is about 10 years old. Arnold needs an indoor only home (or home with access to a fully enclosed garden). Arnold is FIV+ and he is a lovely calm companion cat.

If you would like to enquire about sweet little Arnold and find out more about him and other cats needing homes, please get in touch with Stokey Cats and Dogs by email. They would love to receive enquiries. Please note home checks apply.
Email: stokeycatsndogs@gmail.com



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