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Interesting feature on the radio this morning on the 10th anniversary of the riots.

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What am I suggesting, Devon Williams?

About the specific circumstances leading to and relating to the killing of Mark Duggan  I have no information beyond what is now in the public domain. There is actually a lot more which I once read and a lot I haven't read.

But I suggest that even the two links I gave may and should raise some serious doubts in people's minds.

Since we seem unlikely to find common ground on the death of Mark Duggan let me try to help anyone new to this thread.

One link I gave above was to a webpage by Betsy Barkas on the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) website, published on 17 April 2014; To me it seemed a useful factual account based on what was known at the time. It included previous assertions made about Mark Duggan many of which were not supported by evidence. And certainly not strong enough to arrest him - again at the time. (Had he been arrested in possession of the gun plainly that would have changed.) What we do know is that these assertions were used to build a media portrait of him.
There are many more articles by Betsy Barkas on the IRR website which may enable people to form a judgement of her work.

My second suggested link was to the webpage of Forensic Architecture (FA) published on 9 June 2020.
The FA Investigation was first presented publicly in November 2019 in the Moselle Room of the former Tottenham Town Hall N15. There is a video clip from the presentation at the end of the FA's video.
Forensic architecture were commissioned by Lawyers for the Duggan family. Does that suggest bias? People can make up their own minds. Perhaps by viewing other investigations on the FA website.

Since its release I have watched the Forensic architecture video several times. I chose quiet periods with phone ignored. Most recently I've watched it again more slowly and carefully; jumping back and forth on the video file to make sure I grasp the points being made.

I still cannot see how Mark Duggan could have been either "waving the gun around"  or "attempting to throw it away to hide the evidence when he was shot."  I've tried hard to get my head round this issue, but the weight of the evidence seems in favour of him having a gun in the minicab. But against him waving it around outside the minicab or "attempting to throw it away.

Pursuing truth and repairing trust does not mean condoning guns, drugs, or violence.
Truth and trust go together. There's no "wedge". To my mind that applies to Governments, local councils and other organisations.

Yeh, I must admit Devon, you're right, it's a sad state of affairs where real community advocates get their voices ignored and actual toe rags like Duggan get their name on news like they were mother Theresa.

I don't think it helps the anti-racism movement to associate with Duggan and some of the rioters were just white kids grabbing loot.

We need to hear more from the community, and not the activists.

Devon for Mp 

Or Pm

or bothe

The Riots 2011: One Week in August. An informative and hard-hitting documentary about the 2011 riots this evening on BBC. It will be repeated on BBC 2 and then available afterwards.

In my view it gets deeper into the events from the killing of Mark Duggan and the days following. As the spark jumped from place to place and city to city. It mostly avoids the, by now over-simple explanations. It also gives us glimpses into the thoughts and feelings of a wide range of people who were there.

Agree with him or not, Stafford Scott comes across as one of the most thoughtful and insightful people offering their comments in the documentary.  He speaks as someone who has thought long and hard and deeply about the riots; what led to them; and what happened and did not happen in the aftermath.

I quite like Simon Webb's assessment of the situation here

Lots of people have lots of opinions. I've met and listened to dozens of them.

Would you like to comment on the video made by Forensic Architecture? Which actually refers to the police evidence and the Inquest Jury's verdict?



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