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                            LEARNING CIRCLE  SCHOPENHAUER  AND THE HUMAN CONDITION                                  STARTING NEXT THURSDAY, 24 NOVEMBER, 2011
 in the Unlibrary Café
 HORNSEY LIBRARY, THURSDAY MORNINGS               11 – 12.00
and further information will be sent.
CIRCLE IS FREE but you’ll need to get a copy of SCHOPENHAUER: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION  by Christopher Janaway, available from the if:bookshop, in the cafe,  for  £7.99. This book will be used as the basis for discussion in the circle.(David first studied Schopenhauer at Trinity College, Dublin. He later taught Organisational Psychology at Birkbeck College, London, and  Management for the Open Business School. Recently he has begun to suspect, that Schopenhauer in his discussion of the human condition, was on to something…) 

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My name is Bulent, I was your post about the above lecture from harringayonline.

I would like to attend the session.

I will try to purchase a book tomorrow and read as much as possible before the session.


Bulent Ozlem

You will be very welcome. If before you attend, you would like more information just send an email to:-






Inidentally, if
You are interested in philosophy, philosophy now and The London School of Philosophy are holding a Philosphy day on the 18 th December at Conway Hall.

The programme includes debates and activities for kids.
Details can be found on the Philosophy Now site. Oh, and it's free

Philosophy Now and the London School of Philosophy are both excellent organisations.


Definitely deserve this mention!



It's a shame this happens during working hours, or I'd love to attend.

Thats useful feedback.


The time is dictated because it happens to be convenient for me; the place because Hornsey Library are willing to accommodate it, the subject because I am interested in it. However it is an experiment - a pilot if you will -which is why, for example, there is no fee. 

Assuming the thing works - (and the first hurdle has been crossed -there seem to be enough people interested) other times could be considered if there appeared to be demand. If you sign on by sending a "subscribe" email as suggested in the notice that will keep you in touch with developments which could include a learning circle in the evening...

Yes indeed, I quite agree, If I worked locally I might be able to make it.

I do attend a lunchtime course at the LSP because it is near where I work. Its called Philosopher's News Talk, where we take an item from the news and shove it under the philosophers microscope. Very interesting.



Was he the one who pushed his housekeeper down the stairs and said something witty when she died?

he probably just said Woops!


John, he also had lots to say about Homosexuality..

Make Wikipedia your friend, John. Then perhaps at least a few of details will be right.

We had a successful first meeting, and we agreed to continue to invite people to join us, so it will be happening again next Thursday for anyone interested...



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