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Thames Water say we may have a leak, which they only spotted once we had a smart meter installed. Even with the stopcock off, or being away, we are 'using' a lot of water.

We are now required to pay for  a plumber to investigate, as TW say this must be done before they will send someone to check. Has anyone else had this scenario? And can anyone recommend a plumber?


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Did they just do the glass of water test and tell you the leak is under your house?

This happened to us about 18 months ago.

After lots of frustrating conversations with Thames Water I ended up claiming on my house insurance to get a plumber. Plumber came, looked at the meter and said that is where the leak is. Then Thames Water agreed to come round, sent several different engineers and eventually an experienced one who agreed the leak was on the meter and they replaced it.

I spoke to Thames Water only yesterday about water being used even when the stopcock is off - they have scheduled somebody to come around and check the meter. No mention of me needing to engage a plumber at this point. Might be worth ringing again?

Still have the scars from trying to get Thames Water to sort out their responsibilty for a leak (took 2 years!!). It was the smart meter that they installed. Depending on where your stopcock is, and assuming no visible leakage, the meter is the first place to look. Tell them it looks wet around the meter and they should look there first. Good Luck

Thanks for the advice guys!

You may have to change the stopcock in your front garden, at your expense if that's where it's leaking from. Thames Water only do repairs up to your property. 



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