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Just had an absolutely fantastic meal at Le Pot de Terre in Hornsey. Caribbean fusion, amazing vibrant flavours. And only £22 for three courses, which was ridiculous value.

It was almost empty on a Friday night, which was heartbreaking. Please go so it doesn't shut down!

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I agree, great food, really nice chef and owner.  Definitely worth supporting!

Where in Hornsey ?

Edit : Found it. Between the new Sainsbury and Middle Lane ?

See also this post from earlier on the year and more reviews here.

Yes, totally agree.  We went on Wednesday and very quiet.   He said numbers are just so unpredictable so it's really hard to get staffing right too.  Busy before Easter and now really quiet.  The food is great, please go and give it a chance. He wants people to interact with him so also very happy to adapt the menu for particular requirements, plenty of veggie options too.  



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