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we have just walked up wightman road and noticed that the barriers have been removed..... anyone know if this is temporary or why it has happened?? it is clear from Fairfax road up to Burgoyne road at the moment may be even more

It's to allow access to the heavy equipment needed per the weekend and into next week. See the attached for details on those stages.

thanks...i thought it must be something like that!

Do you know if the barriers will go back up again?
They're back up already...to answer my own question!

It was answered in my post with the pic :-)

Oh yes! Wasn't paying attention...was too transfixed by the photo!

The bridge metalwork has arrived.

Left hand down a bit :-)

Barriers are being replaced.

How would you like to reverse those the whole length of Wightman ?

Thanks John.
Looks like the counterweights for the crane, though they do look like the same shape as the traffic interventions on nearby Burghley and Coleraine Rd, N8 0QG,

The view from Lothair South

Thanks Ben.



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