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As I've had trouble finding a definitive answer does anyone know how accurate the above are ie for use by dates in 2023 should these now be ditched? I didn't know if it's a bit like other products where a sell by/use by date is unnecessarily rigid in order to get consumers to purchase more. I'd appreciate advice.

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I recently suspected I had Covid and did two simultaneous tests. One from a batch that "expired" March 2023 and one from a batch that expired Jan 2024. Both came up positive.

Make of that what you will but my conclusion was they're probably okay but don't bet your granny on it.


I would def ditch the out of date ones. Yes many products go on past their expiry date to some extent or other, including drugs.  But what is the point of doing a covid test which might or might not be accurate. 
Speaking as a nurse


We had a load at work that had expired and we found that some of the liquid in them had evaporated so that there wasn't enough to be able to get 4 drops out and do the test

A scientist told me that the liquid is nothing special. It just has to be sterile enough not to have any Covid virus in it. It is the same solution used in pregnancy tests. So if the liquid has disappeared you could try it with another medium. 
I read that many of the tests will last longer and there is a website which will tell you which brands last until when but I haven't tried to look it up. 



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