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Today is the day.

Vote anyone except Labour!

Labour ignored residents' views and decided to spend hundreds of thousands to change the name of the road and erase our local history. That money should be spent on services for vulnerable  people and to improve our borough.

What else will they ignore your views on? 

Today is the last chance to persuade them to change their ways and remind them that we are not their pawns. They are there to represent us!

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So to protect our services we should vote for the party that cut local authorities budgets by over 60%? All because of a stupid road name? Your bonkers right wing flaming has reached a new level...

Greens or LibDems seem perfectly valid choices, no?

I've been a Labour supporter my whole life Philip but renaming Black Boy Lane (against the explicit wishes of those who actually live around here) was the last straw.

We can vote Green, LibDem, Independent of yes even Conservative (not that many are standing around here).

There's only so long you can blame levels of Government funding for the state of our Borough. Labour has been here for 50 years and the money we are given gets wasted on property deals. Just think what all those millions could have done for vulnerable people.

As soon as people stop the tribal mantra of 'I'll never vote Tory' the conservatives might actually try to tackle the Labour stranglehold on Haringey. Then Labour will start making an effort.

Vote Green or LibDem. At least they're harmless.

Here here

I've seen your comments over the years Philip Fox and its clear that your views are so far to the extreme left that pretty much everyone else is 'right wing'.

And your bonkers left-wing invective and repudiation of democracy has reached a new level.

You are aware that this is a local election,not national ?

Vote for a person, not a party, or do you prefer others to do your thinking for you ?

Rubbish. He's not mentioned any alternative party to vote for instead so your comment Phillip is typically crass & stupid.

Is there any evidence that the Liberal Democrats have pledged not to rename Black Boy Lane?  Where can I find it online, please?

I ask not to score some political point but simply to try to establish a fact.

Probably not but local voters are sick and tired of the Labour monopoly here in Haringey and they desperately want change. Its not just the BBL debacle is it. There's plenty of other examples of this boroughs ineptitude and incompetence that go back for years isn't there.

LibDems and Greens can't openly say they'll side with residents and protect our heritage because Labour will call them racist etc. That's also the reason why residents haven't felt safe to voice their opposition more publicly.

Our only hope is to get rid of Labour and let whoever is left or replaces them sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

Then they'll have a few hundred thousand pounds to spend on education, aged care or training for the people of Haringey including, ironically, young black men.

A starter for "Probably Not."
But that is hardly much to go
On which to end our voting woe
Actual promises or better guesses?
To free us from renaming stresses

Perhaps the art is
All the Parties
Not saying yet
But hedge their bet

Have we spokespersons on this site?
Who know for sure to set us right?
Winks and nudges aren't enough
Statler Waldorf, do your stuff !



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