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As I intend to run some network wiring over the roof, I need an 8 metre ladder. I checked the usual hire shops and they'll charge you an arm and a leg for rental, delivery and collection so I was wondering if anyone has a ladder I can use. I don't mind paying for it but would like to cut down on rate the HSS and the likes charge.

I live in Allison Road and don't have a car so anything within walking distance would be very much appreciated!

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Hi Peet


I have a ladder you can borrow. We are at the church on Mattison Road. PM for details.



NoMB, but I can't think why you'd want to do this.   Firstly I'd expect any ordinary wifi modem will reach every part of a ladder house, as long it's placed in a central position.  Secondly, solutions using the house mains wiring as the network are now a viable alternative (and generally faster) if you don't want to use wifi.  Thirdly, network cable is not particularly robust and I wouldn't expect it to last very long exposed on a roof. IMHO, and all that.


I once hired a ladder from Brandon Tool hire on Blundell street, off the Cally road.

this won't be very helpful to you, but it amused me that the hire place was directly opposite the gates of Pentonville prison.

They did charge an arm and a leg (£60 for a week or something).

Hi Peet
We have various size ladders in the Community Garden if you would like to borrow them - we have a tool bank for exactly this reason so hire out / lend to local residents and tenants who dont have specific gardening equipment etc.
We are just off Stanhope Gardens - A donation to the community garden would be greatly appreciated
send me an e-mail with your detals and we can discuss further
Andy - The Gardens Community Garden co-ordinator (GRA)



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