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As Covid-19 cases start rising, I'm getting increasingly annoyed at the businesses on Green Lanes breaking the health and safety guidelines. Last week we were in a restaurant and asked to sit at a table 50cm away from another family (we refused and left) and today I went for a hair appointment to find nobody wearing masks and then they refused to put on the visor (required for close contact).

I really want to support the local high street but not at the expense on people's health. Massive thumbs up to places like Music and Beans that have moved tables and installed plastic screens. But so many of the other shops are completely ignoring the rules - putting us all at risk.

The Council says it is trying to do something but little has happened yet.

So I say, let's vote with our wallets and endorse those following the rules - and boycott those who don't want to.

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I feel the same! A very mixed approach on green lanes. I think Blend, Harringay Local Stores and Music and Beans are doing a great job at keeping everyone Covid safe. I’ve also had my haircut at Elizabeth Ross recently and was impressed - full protective equipment and temp checking. Further afield I have also been impressed by Forks and Green, Lordship Hub, Downhills Park Cafe, With Milk, Perkyns and the Italian deli on West Green Rd. How nice to do some shout outs!

That's interesting to hear about Forks and Green, every time I go past there it's rammed.  I don't think I would feel comfortable going in. Agree re With Milk, Perkyns, Lo Sfizio - also buy some San Pellegrino Cocktail - amazing non-alcoholic drink which has helped me cut my lockdown boozing.

and if anyone wants to branch out as far as Tottenham High Road, I felt very comfortable in Chuku's and the food is amazing.

I read the review in the Guardian. Definitely going to try them. 

I saw two guys walking down Green Lanes the other day, wearing high-viz waistcoats marked something like 'Community Enforcement'. Don't know who they were or what their purpose, but they were just having a nice chat and not enforcing anything that I could see.

I've just been into Mum's the new organic shop.  No masks or check out shields in sight.  When I queried this, the owner had no idea what I meant.  I advised him to read about it, but I think it's a language problem.  This is why Haringey council need to reinforce the message.

Am going to contact the website and I suggest that others do too so that shops are more aware of what is expected of them.

Here are the people to contact at the council. They are asking for people to report businesses so they can give them support (followed by action if they don't comply) 




Has anyone told them to just spend a day on Green Lanes? 

That would be against their risk assessment - they can't put staff in danger like that!

I could not agree more.

I boycotted Sainsbury's in Muswell Hill months ago because the manager claims he can legally and safely have more than 100 customers in the store.

Green Guru on Alexandra Park Road are also hopeless. The two guys who work there never wear masks, and today they also had a delivery guy without a mask. 

The guy behind the counter ignored me when I said, as I have previously, that for everyone's safety they should wear mask up. 

So that's it. From now on I'll walk up to the new fruit and veg on Dukes Avenue, where they take Covid precautions seriously — and also have a much wider range of produce. 



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