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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The former leader of Haringey Council has been removed as a Labour candidate. 

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He has advisors????

If he's listened to who ever they might be then surely they're for the chop as well.

Maybe he just means Emina Ibrahim....

What about that Charles Adje bloke who blew all the Ally Pally money? 

'no comment' from both our MPs on that little known story!

Ejiofor was the leader of Haringey council but was removed and replaced. I guess it wasn't over the renaming of Black Boy Lane so I guess he was involved in some "dodgy" goings on at Haringey? 

Anyone care to elaborate cos I'm all ears :)

£26 million on that horrible Alexandra House worth £10 million! 
That's our money they're spending!

Yep, millions wasted due to complete incompetence that could have been poured into our services. And no one is liable? 

Maybe he's just not right wing enough for the current "Labour" Party. That's certainly been happening in various boroughs around the country. And to regular members of the party as well.

You mean the Labour party is finally responding to the extreme/hard leftists who infiltrated our party via the disastrous Momentum experiment. Regardless of faction or party, there needs to be a baseline of competence and accountability for anyone who wants to serve as a local councillor. For too long in Haringey that 'service' has been to a faction rather than to residents. Time for a change.

The undemocratic decision to change the name of Black Boy Lane has caused concern across Labour. Its seen as a betrayal of local working class people in favour of divisive identity politics (which is an accurate assessment). Hundreds of thousands will be wasted on a vanity project which will cost them many, many votes. And that's on top of the millions wasted elsewhere under Uncle Joe's regime in Haringey.

Agreed but the decision to go ahead with the renaming has been made after Ejiofor's removal so there must be more to this than just that? 

It’s about a council property deal done under his leadership.
The BBL issue was a decision forced through by Joe and friends under some council vote/point of order which I don’t fully understand, largely cos I just can’t be bothered with anything to do with governance of this borough anymore. 
anyway there’s an article on the “onlondon@ website. 



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