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I've been reading the posts on the so-called 'Green Lanes Corridor' funds with interest.

They seem like an odd old bunch of recommendations to me. Time and time again residents have made it clear that their priority is to curb traffic on residential roads and there's not one suggestion to do that.

In fact it may well be that the opposite is true. One scheme seeks to calm traffic on the Harringay section of Green Lanes by giving buses priority and slowing up cars. Although it's by no means certain, it may well be that this just displaces traffic on to Wightman and the other Ladder roads.

What will they do to ascertain what the effect will be? Perhaps they should offset it by adding some more traffic calming where it's most needed - on the Ladder Roads.

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It's not gated John. It's open, just not a cut through. 

Your narrowing would deal with the lorries that cause you distress in Lausanne. Most traffic is not lorries so it wouldn't deal with most traffic or the problems of most other Ladder residents.

I'm happy to look at any solution that does that.

Traffic in Lausanne has been heavy since it went one-way as it's a great short cut when heading out of West Green Rd to go under the bridge at Turnpike Lane, now possible as you don't have to negotiate your passage against the other flow of traffic.

As for "Most traffic is not lorries", I think the phrase I would use is "Most problem traffic is commercial". It all depends on how narrow you make those gaps. The one at Chetwynd has me slightly bricking every time I use it and likely puts off all but the most determined van drivers.

I wouldn't  allow that most traffic is commercial. I'd say a disproportionate amount is. Dealing with it would certainly help, but it wouldn't deal with the main problem.

Most PROBLEM traffic (noisy diesels) is commercial. I am singling out Wightman Rd because I think tweaking of entry and exit to that road (even a bit of playing with the traffic lights) could be hugely beneficial to EVERYONE who lives in Harringay. Just giving a path through the ladder PARITY in journey time with a path using Green Lanes could have dramatic effects, we just don't know how simple we can keep it.


Back later, #strictly.

...and just noticed this J. Make yer mind up.

Does anyone care about the increased traffic this will have in Endymion Road and Turnpike Lane and the effect it will have on residents there, or do we not give a hoot?


I do like the idea of diagonal parking although the speed demons would treat it as a race tracks, vehicles used as a chicane, but I think gating the Ladder road is a pipe dream and if I'm honest a little selfish to our neighbouring roads, like the Gardens and the effect of that short sighted policy had on the Ladder. I'm not saying I wouldn't like it, I don't think it's practical.

Maria* the main routes for north london 'traffic' were around long before railways. I'm only teasing you but it's this narrow thinking way of planning ahead that got us here (see what i did there ?)

Just like when we chose to live on the Ladder there was and is through traffic, no difference. We have moaned about the Gardens policies and yet Ladderites want to do the same. Everybody wants to restrict the traffic where they live but all that does is distribute and increase it to unfortunate folk elsewhere, I personally think that's selfish and NIMBYism at it's best. Maybe someone on one of those roads could comment on how they would feel with the huge increase in traffic being pushed on them by Ladderites?


I know it's difficult to find a solution that is beneficial to all, I don't know what that solution is?



I agree with you B2 but I'm trying to be more optimistic. If we discourage people from cutting a minute or two from their journey by rat-running past our houses they'll have an opportunity to consider their alternatives. In the short run there may be traffic jams but in the long run there will be less people choosing to use their car over public transport because it's quicker.

"the Gardens were open to through traffic and when those cut through routes to St. Annes and Tottenham were closed down Green Lanes didn't get any slower."


That view is not shared by many on here or me (lived here for 13 yrs), the increased congestion was obvious when they cut off the Gardens. I also think GL would come to a stand still should Ladder roads be cut off and as Muco said may make people think twice. I pretty much walk, cycle and scoot around so it wont effect me too much. I only use our car when leaving London.


As I have said many times, the issue is convincing people not to use their cars and more importantly to stop large commercial traffic using the Ladder, which the council are not in the slightest bit bothered about - unless they drop a fag but out of the lorry that is.


I agree Birdy - the traffic got markedly worse after the Gardens were closed - that was really the beginning of long Northbound traffic jams on Green Lanes. My friend who lived by the PO complained that the bus was taking so long to get her home, she started getting off at the bridge and walking up.

Let's not forget that any schemes which slow traffic any further will also affect those who use public transport.

Before the idea of blocking the ladder roads takes hold has anyone considered that most of the ladders roads are certainly not as wide as Burgoyne or Umfreville.  How would the schools on the ladder get their weekly food and material delivery. Does anyone really think a lorry will be able to do a three point turn in these streets. God forbid that a fire engine has to access the streets only to discover its on the 'wrong' side of the passage or that it can not turn around once its job is done.



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