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I've been reading the posts on the so-called 'Green Lanes Corridor' funds with interest.

They seem like an odd old bunch of recommendations to me. Time and time again residents have made it clear that their priority is to curb traffic on residential roads and there's not one suggestion to do that.

In fact it may well be that the opposite is true. One scheme seeks to calm traffic on the Harringay section of Green Lanes by giving buses priority and slowing up cars. Although it's by no means certain, it may well be that this just displaces traffic on to Wightman and the other Ladder roads.

What will they do to ascertain what the effect will be? Perhaps they should offset it by adding some more traffic calming where it's most needed - on the Ladder Roads.

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Oh yes, more bloody humps. Nice.
Mmm... I don't think Jeremy Is suggesting humps. There are other solutions.
I think they should place permanent bus lanes on Green Lanes and stop car parking at any time. Then increase pay and display parking at the bottom of the ladder roads and on those little cut through roads in the gardens (the roads down the sides of the houses where the residents don't park).

@Julie, yes! Apparently residents at the Green Lanes end of ladder rung roads are a powerful lobby group that will be able to prevent this...


Of course, that could be a nasty rumour started by the traders. :)

They try and shout you down again, Maria, you let me know. We'll stand together and howl back at 'em!

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 19 ladder rung roads you would need to do this to. Why not just do it to either end of Wightman?

I live on Wightman, where we suffer a lot of traffic noise and dirt most of the time.  We are trying to discourage traffic from Wightman, so anything that supports us is welcome.  This is as much a residential road as the 'rung' roads are.  If any of the above suggestions cut down the traffic here then I will support a campaign for it.  How about a petition?



Analysis of parallel parking vs angle parking (see 1st page of doc, particularly second half of page)


Whilst it does say that a greater number of spaces (stalls in US speak) can be provided compared to parallel parking, there are many other factors to consider under 'safety'.


That would be OK for those of you living above the passageway, but sounds a nightmare for those of us at the bottom end, who would bear the brunt of Green Lanes parking overspill. It's often hard to find a space at at this end already and if I couldn't then drive on further up the road, I'd have to turn around and go back onto Green Lanes and try another side street. I predict mayhem. Unless we had a "Gardens"-style rising bollard, but I don't approve on principle of public roads having special access arrangements.

To bring a little seasonal cheer, I would suggest that the Gardens keep their bollards with the proposed maintenance levy, the traders get their permanent pavement parking bays outlined in the LIP2 spending spree and Wightman gets a series of [cheap] gates at intervals which effectively stops it being used as a cut through - except Green Lanes - whilst avoiding the problems to which Jono alluded.  Sleds, fire and medical vehicles would have access.  Everyone's happy.

Sorted! Any hopefully the cyclists will delight in using a relatively traffic-free Wightman!

I still think my idea of narrowing gates at Alroy/Endymion, outside the Queen's Head and outside Station Mansions is fairer, more possible than Jono's and would not mean that I'd have to be ashamed of coming from a gated community.



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