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I was knocked off my bike at 6.30pm today at the junction of Upper Tollington Park and Lancaster Road by a man in a grey Astra turning right across my path. He stopped and gave me a name and contact number, and I have a photo of the licence plate. I think my bike's damaged and I'm rather battered and bruised but grateful not to be badly hurt.

Flashing lights & hi-vis but he didn't see me.

Did anybody happen to see it? A very nice chap drove me home but he didn't actuallly see the collision, only heard it. 


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I'm sorry to hear this has happened. In all my years of cycling I am fortunate enough to not have been in a collision resulting in injury.

This is fairly standard advice for any collision...

- check for any CCTV on that junction (though I doubt there is any there)

- you should keep a record of any injuries you have sustained. You may wish to go to your GP to get them formally recorded.

-you should take your bike to an (independent) bike shop to get a quote for repairs should you pursue the driver for costs.

More detailed advice here: https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/131099/

Thank you, I'll take that advice and have looked at the link.


I'd recommend http://www.lbk.org.uk/ to help with the quote on the bike - they are the nicest folks around and know their stuff.

Hope you are ok.



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