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A good friend of mine is looking for a kitten, or a young cat. Her previous cat -- a much-loved, happy male -- died at sixteen years of age last summer, and now she is ready to start again.

Does anybody know of a young cat that needs a home? Or of a cat that's expecting kittens? There's no rush, and my friend is mostly keen to give a loving home to a cat who needs one.


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The best thing to do is to go to speak to one of the many shelters/homes for cats as they need homes and it's so much better than going to some breeder or pet shop! They often have young cats/kittens. Wood Green animal shelter would be one place to start as it's local but there are many many more. 

Thank you, yes, that's very likely what she'll end up doing -- but since it's never great for an animal to have to go to a shelter in the first place, I thought I might try and cut out the middleman!

Yes but those cats really do need good homes so it would be so nice to think one could end up in a loving one like your friend's. I just feel strongly about it as we got my childhood cat from a rescue when she was just 8 weeks old. She was nearly 19 when she died so I think she had a pretty nice life in the end and I have lots of happy memories

Oh, that's lovely. That's a very happy outcome. I'll tell that to my friend.

Yes please do. It's really worth it! So many that need a good home 

Cats from a shelter will be neutered and vaccinated.  Better that than person to person deal.

Hi Maren

You could also try https://www.felinefriendscharity.co.uk/.

They need fosterers as well.

Thank you! They do look brilliant. Only, they're in Tyne and Wear... I was hoping for something a little more local... They may be worth getting in touch with though anyway, so thank you.

As  "middleman" vets check all their cats for really serious health issues, vaccinate, neuter and insure them for a month. I have had my 2 for 6 years now and the £70 is spent getting them from Wood Green was worth every penny.

Good point -- hadn't thought of that.

Sorry I sent you the wrong link!  Here is the correct one. Based in North London. 


Ah brilliant! Thank you!



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