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We are refurbishing our kitchen and getting rid of the old appliances and furniture. They are still in working order. 

The workers will remove the old kitchen this Wednesday and we will take it to the skip afterwards. Probably towards the end of the week.

You can take the furniture and smoke extractor for free, but we would like a small donation for the sink and the oven and hob. 

We are offering:

- Oven and hob in good working condition. £10

- Smoke extractor (the light does not work and it is one of those that cycles the air). Free

- White ceramic double sink. In perfect condition and with the water tap. £10

- White glassed boiler housing. Free

- White glassed cupboards. 2 of them. Free

- A Blue tower shelves for the kitchen. Free

- 3 Blue set of drawers. Free 

Collection only from Wednesday 10th of February onwards. 

We are located between Turnpike Lane and Wood Green. It is easy to park on our road (parking permit needed if you leave your van/car unattended).



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I'm interested in the kitchen if it's still available. Please accept my connection request to discuss.


I'm interested in your sink. I live on Allison Road. You can get hold of me on 0795 0795 460 or at martinb47@yahoo.co.uk



Sorry Martin, I have already promised the sink to someone else. 


Hi - would the oven be available still? Thanks!

Hi Lisa,

Yes, the oven is still available. We are removing it from our kitchen tomorrow, and ideally we would like to get rid of it by Saturday. 



Sorry Lisa, I spoke too early. The oven is now gone. I misunderstood the message of another person who asked for it first.

Anyways, best of lucks,


No problem! Thanks for letting me know!



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