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I am looking for someone to help design a new kitchen and help us with buying everything we need. We are thinking of going to DIY kitchens but they require people to know exactly what they want and buy it all online. We have some clear ideas about the sort of kitchen we are planning but we need someone who can translate that into a concrete design and we can trust to help us order everything we need for installation. 

Can anyone suggest someone who has experience in doing this ? We know that places like Howdens offer designs but that is not what I am looking for.

thank you 

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Try Grace from Graciousspaces.  Grace@graciousspaces.co.uk

Karen at One Plan (https://www.oneplan-design.co.uk) does this. We’re also looking at using DIY Kitchens and had a layout in mind which we bounced off her. She gave us initial feedback for free but will undertake full design or more detailed feedback for a very reasonable hourly rate. We’ve not got as far as ordering yet but I think she’d be able to sanity check your order list and I think DIY do a final check themselves.

Just another +1 for Karen and One Plan, she helped with ours and did a great job.

We used Karen and ordered from DIY Kitchens too. She was brilliant and provided a detailed list of what we needed to order right down to the last mm. All we had to do was send the list to DIY Kitchens and wait for it to arrive. Nearly three years on we're still very, very happy with our kitchen!



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