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Any recommendations for a kitchen designer?

I don’t want to redo my whole kitchen so no firms like Wickes are interested.

Just need a clever person to come up with ideas to better use the space available.


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There were a couple of suggestions the other day on this thread:


Hope that helps.

Hi Jude,

This is something that I'd be able to help you with, feel free to give me a call on 079 6145 3074, or send me further details about your project to vanessa@wrdesign.co.uk 

Thank you. I have someone coming to have a look but if it doesn’t work out I may be in touch. 

  1. Hi ..I recommend Andy +44 7796 874200. an excellent architect and kitchen designer, he can give you some ideas how you can amend your kitchen. Attached some kitchen that he designed.

Thank you. 

Hi Jude, who did you end up using in the end?

Hi Nanz, 

As  it turned out, the person who came to see me could not come up with any solutions I had not thought of short of a new kitchen which I could not afford.  
I did a lot more research on space saving/maximising ideas and am happy with the evolving results. 

Should you want a new kitchen and have the funds to do it, Grace from  Gracious spaces was knowledgeable and took time to talk through options.  You do need to be clear about what you can spend though, I had no idea how much they cost. 

Thanks Jude, really appreciate that.  We also have a small space to work with, but I have a fairly good idea of what we want to do.  I might get in touch with Grace, thanks for the recommendation.



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