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A friend of mine in Uganda trains young athletes and they cannot afford to buy new gear. If anyone has any grown-out-of trainers and/or sports vests etc please let me know. Ages 9+. I can collect.

Thanks you so much

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Thank you Ben.  I've sent you a connection request

I used to work at Highgate School in Highgate, the senior school at the top of the hill. There was always a massive amount of lost property (lots of trainers/sports stuff unclaimed - v good quality/labels that could be forwarded. Highgate School has connections with a school in uganda so could be worth contacting/asking. l do not know a name or who might be dealing with disposal am afraid.

Thank you for this info Yas - I'll get in touch with the school in the New Year

We’ve got football boots and some kit. Any good?

Thanks Ian - I've sent you a connection request

I have a few bits and pieces too. 

Thank you Kotkas - I've sent you a connection request

I’ve got some cricket tops/trousers and football boots if you want them. Excellent condition 

Thank you Sophie - I've sent you a connection request



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