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Cycling to Hertford along the River Lea meadows the other day I was passing the very start of the New River where it takes most of its water from the Lea, and I found the old sluice house (on the right of the picture) at the head of the NR underneath which the water passes, surrounded by engineering works.

Asking a passer-by what was going on, he said he believed they were installing a filter to keep eels out of the NR ...

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Harrumph, no wonder Manzes Eel & Pie shop (..Walthamstow} had to close. Supplies cut off  ;-)

Thanks for pointing this out. I live in Woodberry Down where we are inordinately proud of our man made water ways, including the New River.

I can't find corroboration for this particular piece of work but there is a lot of material out there about eels (anguilla anguilla) and the problems they are facing.

In 2016 the River Lea Catchment Partnership wrote:

Over the past three decades global stocks of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) have declined by 95% leading to their classification as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List.

And Google points us to these pieces about the Slimy Wrigglers project



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