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Is there anyone out there locally keeping chickens? I'm interested in having a go, but a complete novice and could use some tips. Cheers Rachel 07813333789

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Our chickens are pretty quiet most of the time. Some of our neighbours like to come and visit. We have never had any complaints. Mind you we only have hens. Cockerels are much nosier.

I think it's fine if you don't have a cockerel... that's the drawback of getting them as chicks - I guess you won't know what sex they'll be and obviously the guys won't be laying any eggs! ... I saw Lucy's 2 female chickens and agree it's quite a comforting gentle sound of them pecking about, not noisy at all!

I'm planning on getting some later this year - if you're interested in joining a chicken-sitting-circle let me know!

Hi con
Do the chickens not get hot on the roof during summer?



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