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Is there anyone out there locally keeping chickens? I'm interested in having a go, but a complete novice and could use some tips. Cheers Rachel 07813333789

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We have 2 chickens in our back garden - it's great having eggs and they keep us very entertained. Also they are lovely to cuddle if you can persuade them to :) The main worry is foxes - we let ours free range round the garden when we're in but keep them in a run when we're at work. They need cleaning out once a week but otherwise aren't too much work.

We use the Omlet website for tips on chicken keeping and a forum www.omlet.co.uk. - even if you don't buy their coops and runs which are pretty expensive. We get chicken food from there but made a chicken run out of wood and chicken wire which is a lot cheaper, though the omlet ones are meant to be good.

Good luck if you go for it!


Thanks that's really helpful. Those Omlet coops are very stylish although holy moly a lot more expensive than I was expecting! Did you make your own shed?

I know, me too! We bought a cheaper hen coop for about £100, I think the name of the website was something like henhousesdirect, then made the run around it. Like Con, happy for you to come and have a look if you like.

Could I come and have a look? I don't know when's easy for you... I'm around next weekend or the rest of today pretty much.


Sure, have texted you.

They are lovely but will eat everything in your garden so can't be left unsupervised if you want to grow eg flowers.

I'd love to have some but it does mean you can't go away. Here's a soothing video of the girls I chicken-sat in spain last year. Check out the different personalities. Good for insomnia.

Ah, they're lovely. Yes, I've realised it's a bit of a commitment, and just hoping I can persuade neighbours to sit for them a couple of weeks a year when I'm on hols!

We have three in a run on top of our kitchen flatroof. No problems with foxes and fresh eggs most days. You can come and visit if you like.


Hi Con,

Really? that would be really great if I could have a look. My number's 07813333789.

Hope to hear from you soon


Hi Con

Gosh it's been a few months - I got a couple of chickens about a month ago and am loving it, although not without a few teething issues, including trying to build them a bigger cage than the hutch they're in at the moment. I've still got your manual and need to return it, can I drop round some time? I've lost your number, I'm on 07813 333 789. Let me know when's good for you.



Hi Rachel

Have a look at this link, it gives all the information and tips you need for keeping chicken, out of interest where are you going to get the chickens from?


Out of interest, what 's the reaction from neighbours to keeping chickens? Had always thought they were too noisy for densely populated areas, but am encouraged so many local people have them. Would love to get some too!



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