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Just to let everyone know, I have just been broken into and robbed. Happened between 9am and 4.30pm today on the ladders.

Looks like a panicked job, breaking through the back garden doors, grabbed what they could etc but left anything bigger than a TV.

Police said this is happening a lot on the ladders (as we already knew).

Just a warning to keep particularly vigilant. Police say they often knock on the front door first to see if anyone's in. If anyone has had any random calls recently, I'd inform the police via local number.

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Sorry to hear this Paul.

What I don't get is the police saying burglars knock on the front door first but you were burgled via the back door. Do you live in a semi or by the passage?

We got burgled a few weeks back. They smashed the front window and made off with our jewellery and electronics. It happened around 4:30pm while there was still daylight. The police took forensic evidence but the case is closed for now. The advice we received was to be vigilant about security, and trim the hedgerow if it may afford cover for any would-be burglars.

I've had a friend inform me (not on the ladder) that she was burgled twice within weeks. Apparently this is another tactic burglars use - as they assume that goods have been replaced by the insurance company.

This is a very difficult issue to defend against. With a very low resale value on good these days, the most likely intruders are people with drug related problems. It is likely that the same few people carry out the great majority of robberies. Thus they are prone to high risk break ins with little ability to think about the outcome. 

That's terrible, poor you!

A friend of mine on the ladder was broken into this month. There was also an incident last month - someone trying to escape through the back gardens from another property and they were caught by the police. This was because as soon as the intruder was seen climbing over fences in back gardens, calling 999 straightway resulted in the police arriving within minutes and catching him. It takes quite a long time for someone to jump over fences in succession. So it's important to call 999 straightway as the police can catch them.

It's happening a lot, everywhere and especially coming up to Christmas when we are all buying presents to give to our loved ones, except the burglar comes and takes them!  Not only must we make our houses difficulty to get into, but also difficult to get out - so double lock your front door so they can't just walk out, bold as brass, with your possessions!  Check out the attached security tips we all need reminding of from time to time.  We need to deter them and the Police have stated many times that burglars tend to avoid a house with an alarm - just a thought.


There was a burglary on Duckett Road this week. Wednesday I think. The police were round yesterday asking if we'd seen or heard anything and asking us to be vigilant.

According to the minutes of the LCSP (Ladder Community Safety Partnership), reported burglaries in the four weeks to 11th September numbered 6.

Burglaries: total of 6, of which 1 was attempted only (i.e. entry not gained)

Wightman, Allison, Hampden, Frobisher, Burgoyne, Umfreville.

Another on Hewitt yesterday or the day before. So there really is a spate of burglaries at the moment. Most seem to be through the back door.



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