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Hi, I’m in the market for a second/third/fourth hand Jumperoo or similar for my 5 month old. If anyone’s looking to make space in their house by selling one please let me know!  Cheers!

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I have one! I am away for the bank holiday weekend but could sell it to you next week. 

It is the kind that hangs from the door frame… is that what you want? 

Let me know- Alison 

Thanks so much Alison – unfortunately it’s actually the totally gaudy floor-standing one I’m after as our house has glass/clerestory above the doors so we can’t use a clamp on it. Otherwise I would be biting your hand off as I like those much more :D I should have clarified, thanks again!

Hiya, I am currently selling ours on ebay... Fisher Price Jungle Jumper | eBay

My son was really happy in it from 5 - 10 months but now just wants to walk everywhere (HELP!)

I am near Turnpike Lane station, if you are close I don't mind driving it over to you 



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