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Journal picks up on 'Harringay' or 'Green Lanes' on Harringay Bridge banner issue

Further to the survey and recent discussion on HoL, it seems as though the Journal has picked up the issue from us.


Here's the case for and against having 'Green Lanes' or 'Harringay' on the banner according to the Journal article:


David Smith, landlord of the Old Ale Emporium, just a few doors down from the bridge, said: "Green Lanes is about 10 miles long so a new banner would have to say 'Welcome to Harringay'. Something artistic, bright and colourful would be a real boost and tie in nicely with the street festival we’ll have later in the year.

Shadi Ahmed, who works at the Harran Restaurant, agreed saying: "It's good to have something to welcome people and everybody knows this area as Harringay."

Meanwhile David Singh, an employee at the Turkish store Yavuzlar Food Centre, said he would not change a thing. He insisted the sign should continue to refer to Green Lanes, not Harringay, because the former has a reputation for its many restaurants and shops.


The only mention given to residents' views is the following (which I assume we're not meant to take seriously):


One resident, who did not want to be named, even suggested that the banner should be coloured blue and white in honour of the area's football club Tottenham Hotspur.


So there we go. The world according to the Journal. I'm aware of their focus on the traders' views. Is this what's driving the council also? (Good to see this informal traders poll comes up with a 70/30 split in favour of Harringay!)

If you're not sure what the Green Lanes Strategy Group is, see here.

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Not a comment on this, but on the subject of banners: I notice that there are several advertising banners up around the Homebase car-park again. I thought they were not allowed to do this?

Just proves that local newspapers such as the Journal no longer deserve their place on the face of the earth. (Go on, Journal, just copy and print it like you do everything else. We could save you a reporter or two.)

I can see how a Turkish store owner might regard Green Lanes (all 10 miles of it - thanks David of OAE!) as his own ancestral property - but David Singh is not the most Turkish of names. Can it be that Turks are coming over all multicultural? Must be the effect of the Food Festival.

Reporters work 9-5 (if that) and interview people who are around in those hours. Shopkeepers and Tottenham fans. Meh!



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