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I've just joined up to this event again. See the link above in case you also fancy clearing out some stuff or doing some cooking and earning some cash. Last year despite rain etc there were some fabulous stalls with people selling bread, cakes, flowers, bric a brac, toys furniture etc etc.

47 days to go- plenty of time to start putting stuff in a few boxes. Also was fun going around seeing other people's stalls.


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We are registered on the middle of Pemberton Rd near the school.

Lots of lovely plants, flowers and handmade bug and birdhouses

@briggsbughouses on Twitter & Facebook for more info

There will be a couple of houses on Lausanne Road as well

How do I register for the jumble trail? Thanks

Hi Pauline you just use the link to the website http://www.jumbletrail.com/event/ladderjumble2016 . I found it impossible on my iPhone and had to do it on my laptop. Also, when you enter your address for the payment it has to be EXACTLY as it is on your bank statement or it won't work. What road are you on and what are you selling?

Hi Lauren, Thanks for your reply.

If I am able to participate I will be selling a few bits of painted furniture, books, bric a brac and clothes.

I live on Warham Road

Sounds good! We are on Pemberton so we can send people your way :)

I have registered by the river on Cavendish and trying to get some of my neighbours to do the same. I plan to download the flyers and post them on the lamp posts perhaps by the school.

Just a reminder this is in a few weeks time...
Really want to sign up for the jumble trail but can't read the map to see if my road is on there

Carla: if you use your mouse wheel to make the map bigger then you can hold the left button down  to drag the map around to find your road.

(this is on a desktop with a mouse. Presumably there are similar functions on a laptop ? )

Reminder that this is next week



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