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Apparently the council has agreed to allow a ten-day music festival in the park during the Olympics, which will involve closing off the southern part of the park for three weeks during school holidays, and music until 10 p.m every night. Has there been any discussion on HoL - if so, I've missed it.

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Thankyou Clive! I will start rigourous tiddlywinks training with my daughters immediately... bringing the Gold home to Haringey in 2024!

Yeah, you're right Clive, it should be stopped. The money saved could be used to pay off the enormous debt that this country owes because some bankers and politicians bet all our money on the wrong horse. Boring but very satisfying I'm sure you'll agree... Actually we should ban drinking at the same time as it costs this country huge amounts treating the illnesses caused by alcohol, oh and let's ban sex while we're at it, as the large numbers of babies born puts an intolerable strain on the NHS and it costs the country plenty to educate the little bastards.

God forbid that anyone in this country should have any fun Clive... But no, you know best, you know exactly what's wrong with having the Olympics here, let's carry on being petty minded and parochial... If only there was a gold medal for 'Victor Meldrew' impersonations... Great Britain would win hands down

Believing that the London Olympics is a ridiculous idea is not just the preserve of the curmudgeonly. There are many reasons to question it, notably environmental. Here's more. And all transport is going to be a total bloody nightmare.

The best suggestion I've seen this year is that Athens should be made a permanent Olympic site, take it back to its roots. The bulk of the building work has been done, though the Greeks are still paying for it. Everyone would know where to go, valuable extra tourism with no more huge capital costs, no more switching of sea-levels, and best of all, no more corrupt IOC decisions about where to place it.


I'm not an Olympics apologist believe me, I'm sure it will be all the things you say and more. But it is going to be in London whether you like it or not. Finsbury park will be the Jamaican Cultural centre, like it or not. So why don't we all stop being so bloody poe-faced, and try to enjoy it. There are, as I have tried to point out, lots of things that we could better spend the money on, there are lots of things that are environmentally unfriendly, like wars and the plastic hoops that hold four packs of beer together, but in the past 20 years there doesn't appear to be much we can do about them either.

So rather than hide behind 'what should have beens' and 'what if's', have the courage to admit you just don't want it to happen, because you don't want anyone else to enjoy it. Once you all do that Harringay will be a nicer place to live in...

Just don't say you weren't warned.

So you can now say, I said told you so... ad nauseam.


Glad to have you aboard I thought I was going to have to battle the Harringay miserabilists all on my own. Good to hear that you are one of the few representing the area at the games... 

Shem it is intellectually dishonest to suggest that those who express reservations about the Olympics are "bloody poe-faced" or somehow killjoys.

Do you imagine the Olympics just drop from the sky as a gift simply to be enjoyed? Do you imagine that someone else is paying for them?

If they were free, I might feel less unenthusiastic. There is no invoice that drops on your mat headed: your share of the Olympic costs.

However, they are in fact costing a fortune and what many happy-but-unimaginative Olympic fans don't understand, overlook or ignore is that its costing all of us, but particuarly Londoners. 

All local authorities in London have suffered for some years and will go on suffering cuts due to the huge cost of the Olympics. The Rates may not have gone up, but council services are less than they might have been.

You do at least acknowledge that there are lots of things we could better spend the money on. But if it is in some sense a waste, why rejoice at the waste?! There has been much financial irresponsibility in recent years. 

Enjoy the Olympics as much as you can (is it two or three weeks?), try to admire the white elephants for years afterwards and try to ignore how long you'll be paying for it.


Roots in Athens and Much Wenlock?  Nonsense. The Troika should really screw the Greeks by insisting the games go back to Olympia.

It's a bugger to get to on the District line these days... So I don't think that's a viable suggestion...

Shem its way too late to stop it. The decision was announced the day before the London bombings in 2006. Paris was terribly disappointed – but they don't know how lucky they are.

One of the long, long list of objections to the Olymics in their current form, is the financial risk due to changed circumstances. The lead time is so long – six years – that the economy of the host country (Blighty this time) can go south, long before the grandiose opening ceremony. And opening ceremonies often try to out-do the previous ones from previous years.

No small country can ever contemplate being an Olympic host due to the massive cost, so its only open to a small number of relatively wealthy cities of the world.

I'm actually a fan of the Olympics ... but not in their current, grossly over-bloated form.


The guy who is organising and planning the opening ceremony does it from a small very cheap office here in Harringay, and if the times he bangs his head on the table when told he can't throw money at it, are anything to go by I think we will probably get our moneys' worth.

Also who the hell wants to watch the Olympics in Somalia or Afghanistan anyway, of course only wealthy or communist countries can host the Olympics, (In fact all the best ones were held in Communist ones...) But, I'm glad to hear you are a 'fan' of the Olympics... Personally, I'm with you and wish 2012 had been held in the same spirit of 1948, all rationing and powdered egg. Those were the days... but Clive, one has to face up to the realities of the real world and accept that everything from The Eurovision Song Contest to the Horse of the Year Show has become bloated and overblown... Did you go to the darts at Ally pally? No, of course you didn't, but if you had, you would have found a simple working man's game turned into a magniloquent parody of itself... The world can't stay in the 1970's however much you close your eyes and wish it...



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