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Apparently the council has agreed to allow a ten-day music festival in the park during the Olympics, which will involve closing off the southern part of the park for three weeks during school holidays, and music until 10 p.m every night. Has there been any discussion on HoL - if so, I've missed it.

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Ha Ha Ha, very good OAE...

I'm all ears to hear what the 'authentic' Jamaican experience is... I'm sure the Jamaican Cultural village will show all us 'stereotypical white middle class types' all sorts of terrific things, but if I was a betting man I'd say that most of the things I mentioned will be represented, most people, white and black that I know would be disappointed if they weren't... But do tell me what else I can expect OAE, or are you another nay-sayer that wishes it would all just go away and stop playing havoc with dog walking and the transport system?

Right, Alan. I see Heineken have AP clogged with cliché. I don't suppose old Erasmus of Rotterdam will get to the starting blocks.

The Norman invasion of September 1066 was also a very important event.

Shingles and Chicken pox normally also happen once in our lifetime.

I've just been reading through this and I must say that, although I might not agree with it, I think Mike's presented his viewpoint very reasonably. I see no point at which he's implied any discomfort with who the vistors the area will be, only that there will be lots of them.

Fair point well made Jeremy... But just for the record, just where do you stand on Finsbury park being taken over for 10 days by the Jamaican Cultural village? Will you be raising a 'stereotypical' Red Stripe or will you be lobbying our councillors to cancel it? Come on, as Delia might say, 'Lets be having you..."|

It's only a small part of Finsbury Park that is being taken over - perhaps a quarter or less.

This is going to play havoc with the dogs versus children argument that is raging elsewhere on this site. Will the Festivities be taking over a mixed-use part of the park or a dog or child only area? Will dogs be roaming all over the cultural event, or will children be getting in the way? Going to be a terrific spectator sport...!

Shem, events may yet prove me wrong, but I have no issue with the village. I can't say I'm particularly thrilled about it, but neither do I have any objection to it. So if you'll be 'aving me at all, you'll be 'aving me squarely on the fence on ths this one.

I did do a search before posting this, Hugh, but nothing came up which I thought was a bit strange.

No problem, Maddy. HoL's search engine is not yet up to Google standards. Never hurts to post some stuff more than once anyway. Stories get covered multiple times on the news; why not here (and we can link the stories too). I'm sure plenty of people miss things the first time round.

What's the Olympics?


I believe its something that's extremely expensive and grossly over-bloated. It is also something that encourages nationalism and is a security nightmare. It is significantly disruptive and the world's most reliable creator of white elephants (on a four-year cycle). It flatters the egos of politicians and some sports managers. It will reach its apogee when we have international tiddlywink teams competing with each other.

Hope this helps.



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