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The planed 10 day Jamaica Olympic Village in Finsbury Park has apparently fallen through after the event organisers failed to raise the necessary finance.

This might explain the reluctance of either the Jamaica High Commission or the organisers to give us any information over the past few weeks.

The Dutch Village planed for Alexandra Park is still going ahead.

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Hugh: why is this apparent? Is this a rumour or what is the source of the information please?

Sorry Clive. It's announced on the JV website:

Jamaica Village Cancellation Notification

Jamaica Village Ltd (“JVL”) regrets to announce that it will not be moving forward with it’s plans to stage the Jamaica Village 2012 Attraction in London, during the upcoming summer Olympic Games.

Despite having received significant support from the public and private sector, and the athletics community, the full extent of the financial commitments received has fallen short of the funding required to execute the Attraction.

JVL wishes to note our appreciation to those who shared our vision of leveraging the Country’s athletic prowess to promote Brand Jamaica and despite the absence of the “Jamaica Village 2012” we wish for all our athletes a record breaking Olympic performance!

Thanks Hugh. There will be relief in some quarters.

Yesterday, the BBC published a fine article listing 10 reasons why some people will "dread" the Olympics.

I thought this was a pretty good stab at the subject; I'm sure I could add at least a few more to that list.

Only 10? I don't believe it!

Yes and disappointment in others, no doubt.

Any 'Village' that needs to talk of 'leveraging its Country's athletic prowess to promote its Brand' has already fallen short in more than  financial commitments. This news hasn't really come like a em Bolt from the blue.

For those living miles away and who enjoy this sort of thing, the event would have been marvellous as they could come and go as they please.

For the poor @*&^%$£* who would have lived within ear shot(out), every day for a week and a half, the event might not have been such fun.

Doubtless another way will be found at some stages during the summer to deprive the public of full use and quiet enjoyment of the park.

Here's how this story was reported in Jamaica, via Jamaica's The Gleaner today.

The original story was in The Voice Online on 1 April. (To be fair The Gleaner credits The Voice.) The article quotes the organisers who repeated the same explanation given before that: “Despite significant support from the public and private sector we have been unable to raise sufficient funding to execute the event”.

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)



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