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Apparently the council has agreed to allow a ten-day music festival in the park during the Olympics, which will involve closing off the southern part of the park for three weeks during school holidays, and music until 10 p.m every night. Has there been any discussion on HoL - if so, I've missed it.

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Five discussions here,  Maddie! 

Red Stripe, rice and peas, reggae music, maybe even Usain Bolt... What's not to like?

Have to say that personally I am not keen. It will cause a load of disruption & hassle in the area.

Oh yeah, I forgot, it will involve lots and lots of people attending, using the park and haviing fun, (some of whom might be black and wearing hoodies), and of course some of the inconsiderate idiots might drive there using actual cars and clog up all the roads. Sorry I take it all back, it'll be a total disaster. Isn't there anyway we can get it cancelled?

Mmm - your comment comes across as somewhat aggressive and sarcastic. eg Am I correct in assuming you just implied I am a racist ? I don't support the olympics being in London either by the way. It seems to me a load of expense at a time when Britain can ill afford it.

I'm implying Mike that you need to lighten up and get out more... Whether you are a racist or not is entirely your business, and I would certainly make no judgement on that. The fact that you have some sort of issue with several thousand Jamaicans turning up on your doorstep is between you and your maker...

Again your reply is verging on offensive. eg 'issue with several thousand Jamaicans' - honestly - is there any need for such clearly inflammatory and insulting language ? Just because I don't support the olympics does not mean I 'need to lighten up & get out more'. However, I do percieve the event as a waste of the UK taxpayers money, which would be better spent on keeping services and welfare intact as we undergo massive expenditure cuts.

Mike, Mike, Mike....to paraphrase the woefully inadequate film director Michael Winner, "Calm down dear, it's only a local community forum" a place where the exchange of views and ideas is actively encouraged. If you truly think that my comments are 'insulting, aggressive and sarcastic' then we have a long way to go....

So to recap, your objection to the Jamaica cultural village events are mainly because the United Kingdom should not be holding the Olympics in the first place, due to the current financial crisis and the fact that local public services are being cut...

My, my, that old chestnut. Nothing of any significance would have ever have happened in the world if that was the majority opinion, from The Renaissance to the Great Exhibition of 1851. It is that kind of (Brace yourself Mike...) cretinous thinking that stopped everything from the development of the flush lavatory 200 years before it was invented to the religious persecution that is so rife in the world today.

Yes this country is in debt, yes the money could be spent on better things, it was ever thus, and all of us are feeling the pinch or are in jobs with uncertain futures. I don't remember the world being a particularly perfect place when they put a man on the moon, but that was a great moment and great achievement.

You no doubt, Mike, would have us all still living in mud huts repelling those pesky Romans with their underfloor heating and universal coinage system.

Let us face the facts Mike, you are a luddite, a blinkered buffoon, a killjoy, a Guardian reading (A sweeping generalisation I realise and I heartily apologise if it's not the case, but as you can appreciate I'm on a roll here...) poltroon...

Yes you need to lighten up, and yes you need to embrace what will be the biggest event this country has ever seen since the death of Nelson... So I can only hope, that as the sound of Toots and the Maytals drifts across from Finsbury Park, on a hot August Afternoon, you might draw back the many bolts on your front door and venture out, buy a portion of jerk chicken maybe even have a sip of Appleton's rum and forget all those puritan, protestant urges and actually enjoy yourself... for once.

This is all a bit pointless, but as my final thought- there is a difference between "playing the ball' - ie debating the issue, and "playing the man" - ie being gratuitously offensive. It makes no difference whether its a local community forum - civility costs little and is in my opinion preferable.

Fine Mike, if that's how it is.... I respect your opinion. Though to be honest, the debate was the fact that you personally didn't want the Jamaican cultural village in Finsbury Park and you personally felt the Olympics was a waste of time effort and money... But if you want take your ball home... feel free.

Billy Bremner was my all time hero when I was a kid and I'm sure it won't surprise you to know that in football, as in life, I have always played the man rather than the ball... It's much more fun that way!

Mike, maybe what you forgot to mention is that Shem's "Red Stripe, rice and peas, reggae music, maybe even Usain Bolt...Toots and the Maytals, jerk chicken and Appleton's rum" might conceivably appear to some Jamaicans  as a rather limited stereotype of themselves and Jamaica. Clearly you are too polite to play the presumptuous at their own game.   

OAE here's a great opportunity for you.

Nobody has said a word about the Dutch stereotypes likely to make an appearance in the Heineken Holland House up at Ally Pally for the Olympics. It's to be run by a company called NOC*NSF which is the Dutch word for clogs. A photo on their website shows a bunch of happy smiling  About this sound Nederlanders who have already moved in.



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