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Hello everyone,

Do people know whats going on with Jam in a jar?

Their social media said there were closing after the new years night, then suddenly they were posting new content as if they had never closed.

Their Facebook has some really weird posts from people asking if its under new management and them either ignoring the posts or saying they bought it off the previous owners. When you look at their Google reviews since the new management they are mostly one start reviews with comments like:

"Since the change of ownership, despite the new management claims of "nothing is changing", the only thing remaining from Jam in a Jar is the name. The vibe changed completely, with bouncers at the door, shady crowd inside and an uninviting atmosphere. Once a venue for good live music, now questionable choice of DJs and lack of soul prevails. Can only hope they go under soon and are replaced by something more alike to the predecessors."

"New owners, obviously a front for something, with a suspicious bouncer on the door."

"Absolutely tragic what’s happened to this place. I popped in after the change in ownership just to see what it’s like. It feels like Donald trump killed Dolly Parton and is now wearing her skin. Gone is the local art, friendly staff and fun music. It was completely empty on a Thursday night and they were blaring awful Balkan techno. It might look the same but the soul is gone. Can just hope it will close in 3 months and be replaced with something better."

Does anyone know whats going on with this place, it was one of the best places to go in Haringey.

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Unless I've missed a post, I am very much struggling to see anything remotely bigoted or racist even on a micro level, unless you mean me not liking Balkan techno, or the slightly off topic non-revelation that London has always been a haven for Russian money laundering.

Bottom line is, who knows if it's down to money laundering or not? Personally I don't care too much. The point is the whole very sudden closing down/taking over instantly by new lease holders, who then keep the name and book bands (according to FB), is undeniably odd at best.

Ariel L thank you for your comment, I agree that Quto did a wonderful job with the place, if it was not so great peoples disappointment in the changes would not be so high.

Maybe you are right and this is all unfounded, although as mentioned money laundering is very common in London is suggesting it might be I don't think counts as bigotry. The company changing owners every few years and your comment of "It's important to note that the identity of the investors is their private matter, and they are under no obligation to make this public" still raises eye brows but yes - of course they are entitled to get outside investment. However it's not the point of this thread which is more about whats happening now. Since this post got some traction the place got 10 5 star reviews (most where peoples first review) all on the same day including:

Newlifes Catering Ltd
3 days ago
Really nice place been here serval times kind welcoming staff I’ve seen a lot of fake reviews which I don’t respect everyone can buy a buisness why are people doing this

"Newlifes Catering Ltd" being owned also by the same new owner as the jar. 

There is something suspicious or uncomfortable about what is going on there and I felt uncomfortable when I tried to go in. Since you were so close with the previous people and know it well, maybe could go and report back? See if you think this is all nonsense. Or maybe the new management could announce its under new management on their social media?

If so, if people are wrong, I think the only right action would be for me to delete the thread and congratulate the new owners because I want this and other businesses on green lanes to be a success to the community in Haringey



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