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Random question for this site I know but I thought I would post in case anyone has any experience.

I am considering spending a bit of time in Italy to study Italian. There seem to be a lot of places advertising classes but I am not sure where to start.

I am a total beginner and am really just interested in being able to speak. I have never done anything like it before so would like to hear other people's experiences

I wondered if anyone had done anything similar and had any advice. I would like somewhere that caters for adults as I am not a student and am not looking to be part of a student scene.

I would rather learn in Italy as I would love to spend time there and think that's a much better way to learn a language

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We stayed in an apartment with a couple of other language students. The apartment was arranged by the language school, which is a great way of doing it, so everything just gets sorted for you.

I would say we got to 'intermediate' level. I could watch Italian TV, happily chat and order things in restaurants without reverting to English. It went really well.

Couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Thank you Hugo

Hi KP.  I spent a few months in 2001 in Bologna and studied at https://www.culturaitaliana.eu/  I had the most wonderful time.

They organised accommodation and I decided to go for shared accommodation.  I had the most wonderful Italian flatmates with whom I am I still in touch with.  I spend a  lot of holidays there.  I couldn't speak any Italian when I arrived but within a day, my new pals were introducing me to their friends and families and I was speaking the language in a jiffy thanks to the classes.  It was the best time ever.  The classes themselves were a mixture of ages and nationalities and I am in regular touch with my friends from Tokyo and all over.  Many of my classmates were retired which added a really nice dynamic. 

Bologna itself is a brilliant university city but the station can get you to so many places.  We went for weekends in Rome, Naples and took a packed lunch to Venice on a few occasions.  

Considering going back myself for a couple of months to get back up to speed as I miss it so much.

Wherever you decide to go, I couldn't recommend the experience highly enough.  I often get out my photo albums.


Someone else has recommended the same place so it's obviously popular. I can see the positives of shared accommodation for learning the language but I think I am too used to my own space to be able to share with others now. But it's great that the classes are so mixed.

Great stuff and I don't blame you.  One of my friends opted for solo accommodation and had just as good an experience.  The city is very welcoming.

Good luck with your decision making.  I am very jealous.



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