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“It’s the act of someone using the powers given to him by democracy to behave like a dictator.”

So says former Children's Laureate Michael Rosen about Michael Gove's decision to ride roughshod over the wishes of 94% of parents of Downhills School, Tottenham. Roman Numerals? - here's one for you, Mr Gove  - V

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And what brave, stirring words of hope and resistance came from Claire Kober at this news?

(Tottenham Hale ward councillor)

Aha! If only you knew!


Then I suggest that you address your comments to Cambridge Education, the company that were paid by the DfE to conduct the 'consultation' - the figures quoted are from their results - and to the IEB who drew up the subsequent report. And by the way, the whole 'consultation' cost £45,000 of public money (yours too, Billy). Maybe you should ask for a refund?


Being based in Islington I know Cambridge education well, have often worked with them (but not I should say FOR them) and I would be surprised if the consultation was rigged in the way you suggest. But also it would seem the result that has been reported would not have been the result the Government wanted, so if it were rigged the rigging either ineffectual or the wrong way. 

I agree it would be useful to see the actual consultation and the detailed results.

I presume the 94 per cent figure you quote, Billy, from the context, is the percentage of the parents who returned consultation forms and who opposed Academy status? In which case, as the number of parents ought to be known it would be possible to say what per centage of all parents were opposed to Academy status.

With respect regarding the second language issue that may be a bit of a red herring. In the school in Islington we know we have a significant number of parents for whom English is a second language, but of those most are able to respond to communications in written English. In fact some are literate in English and not in their home language which in the case of one family I know (ultimate ethnic origin Nigeria although really more Londoners than I am) their tribal language has never, they tell me been written down...



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