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My wife was shopping in Wood Green with our 10 month old daughter on Saturday the 30th of March.

She decided to take a seat in McDonalds to feed our daughter her bottle of milk. After about 10 minutes she noticed a man come and sit right next to her on the bench of seats where by all the other seats where empty. She ignored him and thought nothing of it but then he started mumbling under his breath whilst turning and facing her and writing stuff down in his notepad. At this point my daughter had finished drinking so my wife turned to face him and saw he was a tall, big black man, with sunglasses on, dreadlocks and headphones on with rings all over his fingers. She automatically assumed he was maybe into music of some sort and was writing lyrics down on the note pad hence the mumbles. She smiled at him and got up and left and continued on with her day. 

Later on I came across the below on my Instagram feed and showed my wife, I was concerned for her safety as TPL is our local station. I was shocked to find out this was the same man who was sitting right next to her in McDonalds!

She recognized him straight away due to his distinct clothing and appearance. 

As we are all aware Social Media is a very small world, whilst scrolling through the comments of this post. I came across this-

The account called "*******" also tagged this guys Instagram profile which I clicked on to find it is the same man in the first picture. I scrolled through his page to find half of his pictures in Wood Green and inside McDonalds in Wood Green. I showed my wife this profile and she confirmed it is definitely 100% the same man who sat next to her.

So whilst i was on the platform at TPL station Morning on my way to work. I showed the station staff the Instagram post and he advised they are fully aware of the situation and an investigation is currently being done on this man. He advised me that the initial incident of the physical attack was committed in Finsbury park but the incident was reported by the female at TPL station. I also showed the TFL staff member this mans Instagram profile and address details in which he took pictures of on his TFL Ipad and advised he will be sending these to the investigation team for review.

He is very unique in appearance so his not hard to miss. Apparently he lives on the ladder according to the Instagram post. I cant believe things like this occur on our door step and especially the face that my wife was so close to him with out 10 month old baby daughter!!! Haringey is such a diverse Borough with wonderful cultures there is no space for people like this. This angers me so much that someone could do that to another innocent person.

(NOTE FROM SITE ADMIN: In line with our house rules his post has been edited to anonymise the identity of the person who is its subject.)

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"A 51-year-old man from Wembley, was arrested on suspicion of racially aggravated common assault. He has been taken to police custody as enquiries continue."


Wembley???? but the man lives off Green Lanes?



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