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HARINGEY Council has just spent £20,000 on a 90 second film to "tell the Haringey story".

(I'm surprised it can be so easily afforded).

The logo reminds viewers that Haringey is in London, a fact of which many Haringey residents are already apprised.

Might the video be aimed – not at present residents – but at possibly would-be residents?

Or perhaps property developers?

The Haringey Story

The final question is, are you in?

Current residents could find this redundant.

I wonder if the idea of a video like this was floated somewhere along the French Riviera.

If it is aimed at developers, should it be?

Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party

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I could have done that for £2000.

WHO do you think the film is aimed at John?

At Councillors and Council staff, to reassure them that all's well in the best of all possible worlds.

At people who find that Newington Green and Hoxton are beyond their means.

You notice that nobody over 40 is " in "

Nobody sick, homeless or unemployed is " in "

John, I suspect you're not in with the In Crowd.

I'm in with the in crowd
I go where the in crowd goes
I'm in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows
Anytime of the year, don't you hear?
Dressing fine, making time

We breeze up and down the street
We get respect from the people we meet
They make way day or night
They know the in crowd is out of sight

I'm in with the in crowd
I know every latest dance
When you're in with the in crowd
It's so easy to find romance
Any time of the year, don't you hear?
If it's square, we ain't there

We make every minute count
Our share is always the biggest come out
Other guys imitate us
But the original is still the greatest in crowd
Any time of the year, don't you hear?
Spendin' cash, talkin' trash

I'll show you a real good time
Come on with me, leave your troubles behind
I don't care where you've been
You ain't been nowhere 'til you've been in
With the in crowd, with the in crowd, in crowd

That's outrageous.

Correction, John. There's one chap over 40. He's an oil painting, aka Heritage.

Did the bastards really use my Council Tax to churn out this shit? Hang the Kaiser Kober from the nearest lamppost.

Eddie, when I challenged the Cabinet Member at the signing about the spending (£86K for starters), he said it was "not additional spending" and that it would come from an existing (Communications Department) budget.

It would in effect be a substitution of monies that would otherwise be spent on "promoting activities", although he didn't go into detail about what activities would no longer be promoted.

So the justification was made in terms of budget: I suggested that the public wouldn't see it like that way: that it would be seen as the spending of their taxes.

A further point about this budget-justification – that I make now – is that there must be fat in the Communications Department, if they can lose at least £86,000 from one area and for it not to be, or cause, any problem.

Under New Labour, how bloated has this Department become?

I was also told that this expenditure was good value for money and a good time to do it.

Just watched the video clip collection - not sure it's either a film or a story.  I expect the party line on the intended audience would be something about attracting investment into the borough to raise funds for the benefit of residents blah blah blah.  I think the "film" is aimed at none other than the Cabinet Member responsible for signing off the expenditure for it.  It is the vanity mirror in which he looks for reassurance that he has a proper job.

If this is "in", then I'm out, but I guess I would be anyway, being over 40 and an unpaid family carer wondering what's going to happen to the day centre my mother currently attends.  Consultation period on Adult Social Care about to come to an end and no sign of the detailed information repeatedly promised during the last round.  Oh dear ...

£20'000 WTF ?

Also It doesn't even look like haringey, it looks like Hoxton. Perhaps a vision of what's to come ?

Where abouts Is the cha cha cha place at the end ?

Thrilled to hear of the imminent arrival of a new Head of Communications, though all we have at this time is a portrait. 


My mistake, the job title should be Head of Brand.



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