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If so, for some reason you've had a package delivered to my front garden by some lazy and useless courier. Curiously, it has my address on it, although I'm pretty sure you've never lived here. Feel free to contact me if you want to reclaim it...

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You might be able to reach her via her place of work.

ah, you're a better web sleuth than me - thanks very much!

The fact that your address is on it should make you cautious. The best thing you can do is to 'sit' on the parcel and wait for Ms Salanitri to contact the sender to tell them she hasn't received it, then let it sort itself out.

I’ve received a parcel to my address recently for a flat further up the road. Probably a genuine mistake, and can’t see what benefit there is to sitting on it and making the owner have to cancel it etc. 

In your case tigha the address is correct, it was simply delivered to the wrong address (yours). On the original thread the parcel has an incorrect address (Phil M's), that's the difference. 



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